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7/8/2019 c5 51Alaena F. Dragonstar
I really love this story. Very well done :)
1/4/2018 c5 13KissyYou
Absolutely beautiful. I love the plot, love the way the characters were portrayed, love the heartfelt ending. Not going to lie, I totally teared up at the end there. I will look forward for more works from you. Thank you so much for sharing this story.
1/2/2017 c5 Natsuko
7/4/2016 c4 Guest
Ok, I don't usually keep tabs on fanfictions for ANY fandom. This one feels special though, first PH Fanfiction is most likely the reason. Please try to finish the last chapter. Whenever you update it (if you do) I will read it and support.
9/16/2014 c1 upset and angry
damn you, put bloody spoiler alert aaaahhhhhh ggggrrrrrr evviiil aauuutthhoorrr ggggrrrrr i hope grell takes your soul hahaha

just joking


but next time a spoiler alert

forget it i hate you
5/28/2013 c3 28IcyLady
Well that certainly got complicated
I'm very much looking forward to see what happens next!
4/6/2013 c3 7Manami Nightray
this is amazing! _
11/12/2012 c2 4buntesLicht
Oh My God, I read the first chapter some time ago but somehow I completely missed the second! How COULD I MISS THIS? I love how this is written and it has the same heart-wrenching feel as the manga. I love how you portray the characters. Seriously, you blow me away :)
On another note, Vincent's an illegal contractor? Did I miss this in the manga? O.o I thought, as a member of Pandora, he'd have a blood mirror? I'm confused... .
But really, this was awesome :D Are you going to update even though new chapters of the manga were published in the meantime?
10/9/2012 c1 Claire Baskerville
9/30/2012 c2 6Lazy Gaga
I love this. It's so wonderfully written, it isn't even funny. Keep up the awesomeness!
9/29/2012 c2 22Penelope Jadewing
Ooh, I like this! :D You are a very good writer; and this story is a great distraction from the fact that the next chapter comes out in another three weeks... Anywho, I love the plot; it's very plausible, considering everything that's happened so far. And you've managed to make me like Vincent more which, believe me, is a great feat. You're great with emotions; reading this and listening to depressing trailer score made me want to cry. I commend you. _

Update soon!

9/29/2012 c2 19li ross
I'll explain this comments structure first because I'm already crazy but your story's driging me even madder in a wonderful way, hence it's somewhat "weird". So, there's a "before reading" part of the coment, which I'll write now, before reading the 2nd aprt to it, because I just feel like my heart while jump out of my chest if I do not bow down and comply to do so, and then I'll review after having read this. I've already felt like an idiot son some ocasions before because since ff will only let us review once on each chapter, I made the mistake of forgetting that issue and adding something I had forgotten to say in the previous review, then was left without the possibility to review the newest parts, and so... Silly me, I know. So basically that's why I'm leaving weirdo-reviews, hope you don't mind).

Before reading: Geez I know the feeling! (though my writing is nowhere enar being as good as your, I could even be jealopus - un a good way- if I weren't too dazed and soaring thanks to the emotions your words have made arise inside of me. Btw, thank you SO FREAKIN' MUCH for such a marvelous work. Seriously! It's amazing how many details are on it, how clearly you've seen through everyone's realities and emotions so as to pain a picture that not only portraits every inch of the story in what seem like it's very true colours, but also manage to unfold new ideas that may bury well blow our minds off because of how pleasantly heartwrenching and accurate they become. Once again, thank you. It's people like you that make me realize and remember why I've fallen for the endless power of words.
Appart from thank, I kind of spent the whole morning sulking at how everything in Oz's and Gil's lives have evolved, and the whole figure of Gilbert, somehow born for a tainted excistence but kept in innocence by his brother's actions and memory loss, tehn started going over the fact he can, somehow, be recognised as a member of every dukedom (leaving Barma aside a little, ok) and therefore your work with titles (or rather, how you've chosen to set ideas, becasue titles are not just a word but the pinpoint in the meaning of what's written) has simply got my brains overwhelmingly shocked in pleasure, and, mainly, I just love how you've presented what seems to be "truth", at least at this point of the story, hence...

I could say thank you a million times and more, but I think I'd better go on reading now.
This comment's become terribly long and the previous one was almost mockingly short, blame my astonishingly exhalted emotions for that some minutes ago. Sorry!

After reading:
It's amazing how dumbstruck your writing leaves me, therefore forcing me to leave review which aren't ever nearly as good as they should... Still I swear I try!
So... You've given me7us so much to read, squirm, shout, cry and delight through taht it's unbelievable. It's like... you've just brought the whole story to life better than every manga chapter and fanart piece had been able to before now. Or so it's felt like.
I'm sorry I did not review right away, in fact, the frst part of this was written right after the previous review I left, and thi, well, about 24 hs. later than that. And, well, yes, this has (thank you for that) been a wonderfully long chapter, however I finished reading last night (I took the chapter with me and went around town readng during every "gap" I could find during the day, whenever the emotions of it were not too strong for me to cope with that and avoid having to stop and recompose myself). However I was frekin' sleepy and tired so I guessed you deserved better reviewing than that... And here I am now!

Useless details aside, this is incredible. so much I can barely speak about it.

And fuck yeah! Finally someone's given some time to highlight the fact Break is a Child of Misfortune. At last! Damn, I love your writing.

I won't add eery comment regarding the chapter here because it would be forever ongoing and still not enough.
I'll just say I seriously loved the way you've portrayed Vincent' ideas. and break's madness; and Glen's (ok, rather everyone's) co-dependace issues. THAT's a jewel.
Also how Oz's defeated but still fighting ttitude came out.

Frekin' hooray for Leo and Gilbert's kindness towards the Nightray household's servants!

Ad... Oh God, the dutchess and Barma...

I can't even tell whether you're building hope or despair inside of me with each line, but he resulting bittersweetness is transcendental.

(about DA: Oh, dear, it's ME who can't thank you enough. Specially now. And I certain you'll never write anything dissapointing, given what I've seen here. The drawing's also fantabulous, but I guess I'd better say that at Deviantart, so, yeah... sorry for the kilometrical answer! )
9/28/2012 c1 li ross
so far I' ve loved this beyond words.
The utter... accuracy of it can only be surpassed by hwo envolving, ofverwhelming the feelings you elicit through words can be.
Oh God.
9/26/2012 c2 15Biidule
Oh my. You make me cry each time !
(sorry for my english) :)
9/25/2012 c2 Guest
i love this D: i am very glad you decided to continue :D I hope gilbert is able to save everyone but...i'm afraid of what will happen if he does...will oz cease to exist? Will vincent also cease to exist? What about alice? what about gilbert himself? DX i'm so scared. if only oz had not found that damn pocket it's even more complicated than that
*sigh* i guess i'm gonna have to wait until the next chapter comes out in October DX
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