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1/2/2015 c1 17the-thirteenth-doctors
I'm reviewing 'cause you asked so nicely..
Just kidding, fantastic story, you portrayed the characters excellently, well done! Will there be a sequel? xxx
2/5/2013 c1 6Shiralala
Beautiful. merci beaucoup (i think i spelled that right). are you going to translate the French?...maybe the best non-smut Fruk ever. thank you omg
11/7/2012 c1 3riddle-girl-lost
This is brilliant! The interaction between Arthur and Francis was spot on-most excellent! (And honestly it had me giggling through almost the whole story, I could just picture this happening) Love the creative language use
7/30/2012 c1 11Hitrashi
7/18/2012 c1 LunesWraith
I seriously laughed out loud at 'snail slurping wanker' I need to remember that next time I see a Frog at Windsor, lol. The only curse that really grinds my gears is misspelling 'bollocks', because bullocks are male bovines . Really good though, nice flow.
7/15/2012 c1 2emmie333
I loved it soooo much! It was heartwarming-ly, life-change-ing-ly, beautifully, magnificent! I love you!
7/15/2012 c1 26Memento Mori-Pontifex Mortis
...Can I say I love you? Or would that be creepy...? I swear I'm in love with your writing! It's cute, perfectly written, and I swear I love it. I love the French, I've even picked up some so I understood it mostly!
Ah Only few people can write like this and you are definitely one of them! :) You deserve millions of everything; internet, chocolate, Hetalia, etc.
7/14/2012 c1 Madik
I love it! Especially the Franglais ;) I have to wonder how that sounds to people who don't speak French... And Arthur seems to be in creative writing with good reason! (That is, if he's in creative writing, I'm not sure if it was specified ). Of course, I still love the "snail-slurping" line.
Great job with this one, Ash!

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