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7/28/2012 c4 larasmith
God forbid that Bronwyn and Isobel turn into 2nd generation Morganas! Uther keeping Morgana from the truth about her birth twisted her into an evil, ambitious witch bent on hatred and vengeance against those she once considered family and friends. Does Arthur has a death wish to repeat his father's mistake? Despite his love for his children, Arthur as a parent should have been open and honest about his identity with them. Now he may have earned his daughters' derision and ire! Arthur is making it easier for Morgana to take advantage of their future familial disunity and dissension amongst themselves to succeed in her plan to eliminate them since she considered them her threats. He is not protecting his children by his silence! Did the thought ever occurred to him that Morgana or any of his enemies could manipulate his children into believing the worst of him by just this act alone?

Will the knights manage to prevent the breakup of Arthur's family if it comes to that? Which argument will Merlin side with? How close is Gwen to her daughters especially Bronwyn? Were things to heat up for the worse will she be able to extinguish the acrimonious debate between father and daughter?

Arthur has grown cautious and overprotective of his family over the years. Did Arthur ever had nightmares about losing his daughters to Uther's "Great Purge" solution?

Will Merlin still insists Arthur returns to fulfill his destiny at Camelot? What has Arthur heard about Camelot under Morgana's rule? Will Arthur has second thoughts about staying with the new life he's already accustomed to or will he return to Camelot to challenge Morgana's right to rule?
7/28/2012 c4 7Lander
Very good story and I hope his daughter has not had weapon training or he may have a lot of sharp thing coming his way, looking forward to next chapter
7/28/2012 c4 freckled98
Arthur has to answer to his daughter now. If she is anything like him, he is in trouble
7/23/2012 c3 2gorgeousangel
When you described the kids I suspected that they were Arthur and Gwen. But how come they have magic. Great story
7/22/2012 c3 StargirlRiver
Amazing! Cant wait for the next chapter!
7/22/2012 c3 arthurgwen2010
Oh my...wow wow wow!... I cannot believed my eyes when I saw your new chapter. I am really really happy.
Ok now,for my review... The conversation/revelation between Arthur/Sir William and the knights of the round table was amazing. Why? Because, I can seen in my mind all their emotions. Leon cannot believed that Arthur's abandoned his responsibities for his Kingdom and his people. Elyan knew that Gwen's always thinking the other first before to herself. Merlin his love for his friends. And lastly . Arthur cannot believed to them that he done that,...for love. Promise...that was brilliant idea. Oh,don't forget Isobel got magic and looks like a seer too...that was very clever twist. I'll love too that Gwaine always called Bronwyn sweetheart,this you makes me laughed. So over all for me was excellent. Now,my problem is I cannot wait what happens next?...please please update as soon as you can? :)))

Thank you!*hugs and kisses*
7/22/2012 c3 larasmith
Knew it! Sir William is none other than King Arthur himself! Unbelievable! How could Merlin be so blinded by the truth before his eyes? Did he ever recalled hiring farmer William to joust in Arthur's place all those years ago and where he played matchmaker unknowingly to ARWEN and a great love was born out of it? The name should have given Merlin a hint as to the masked knight's identity! Shocked and surprised his former servant didn't pick up on that tiny detail!

Were ARWEN already secretly married when Arthur and Elena were about to be wedded? Why didn't Arthur do anything to delay his upcoming nuptials with Elena then and why did it have to be Gwen to speak out and stop the wedding? Was Arthur planning to become a bigamist? Pretty sure the idea of sharing a husband with another woman wouldn't have appealed to Gwen anymore than him sharing her with another man! Thank the Heavens Gwen was bold enough to make that decision for them and practically set things right for them! Otherwise their future would have been bleak and miserable! Hurrahhh for Gwen!

Bronwyn and Isobel sound like such darlings, and they are exceptionally wonderful and special since they are both blessed with magical gifts which they would use to protect and defend the people they love! Morgana and Mordred have met their match! Has Morgana foresaw her and Mordred's demise in one of her nightmares by the hands of Bronwyn and Emrys?

Will the knights of Camelot and Merlin remain with Arthur now and ensure the safety of their family? Does Arthur has any plans on how to reclaim Camelot? Is he aware of Morgana's real nature and does he know she is a sorceress?

Are Chadrac or Tobias also born with magical abilities? Why do I get this bad vibe that Morgana is dead set on the abduction of Arthur's children to fulfill her evil purpose of either stealing Bronwyn's powers and add it to her own or using them as leverage against ARWEN but especially as a warning to Arthur that if he dared try to reclaim Camelot then his children will meet death? Or their capture alone will lure Arthur out into the open so Morgana could kill him?

Will Gwen eventually make an appearance? Are things between ARWEN still as passionate and loving as they were 18 years ago and has their love grown stronger and more stable over the years?
7/22/2012 c1 Guest
One thing, 18 years is a long time for Morgana to just stew following her conversion to evil. That said, this is a fun story.
7/22/2012 c3 Guest
I'm enjoying your story very much. I especially like the character development you're giving to the members of Arthur and Gwen's family. I would be interested to learn about their lives immediately following their escape from Uther and how they ended up with Lord Mark (though Cenred's kingdom was probably chosen because of its longstanding hostility with Camelot).
7/22/2012 c3 Guest
Oh my words! You must continue immediately. My poor heart cannot endure the wait for more. Please! Love the girls, they needed to also know.
7/22/2012 c3 C
Can't wait to see Gwen. Loved Merlin still being a romantic.
7/21/2012 c2 larasmith
Cenred's men were hunting for Bronwyn? Seems Morgana knows about Sir Williams' true identity and the great potential Bronwyn exhibits as a sorceress that she'll probably try to corrupt her against ARWEN and Camelot and possibly use her to expand her powers to kill Emrys! But Bronwyn is NOT Morgana so she will NOT become evil and be as easily manipulated as Morgause was with Morgana! Did Bronwyn inherited her powers from Arthur?

It's great that there are some kingdoms who don't comply with Uther's philosophy that all magic is evil! Merlin is already loving Lord Mark's kingdom! Perhaps Merlin could be Bronwyn's mentor? How powerful is Bronwyn destined to be? Will she be able to vanquish a dark evil like Mordred? Or will it take the combined efforts of both Emrys and Bronwyn to lay waste to Morgana/Mordred's evil alliance?

It sounds like ARWEN, family, and friends are experiencing the calm before the storm! Will they manage to drive off Cenred? Did Cenred truly invaded because they were curious about Camelot knights' visit, or is this just a pretext to focus on her pursuit of one particular prize: Bronwyn?
7/21/2012 c2 arthurgwen2010
Fantastic! :) ... Sir William wants Elyan safe so that he send to safer places...and I bet Elyan will meet his
I'm just wondering if her name is Emeralda? Can't wait what happens next. Please please pretty please update soon?

Thank you!*hugs and kisses*
7/21/2012 c2 Guest
whew! more please!
7/18/2012 c1 Guest
Enjoyed this immensely. Please continue.
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