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8/15/2023 c32 tigress110
Wow! I loved this story! I started it and couldn't stop until I was finished.
5/16/2023 c16 11SJshipper75
It’s not like he has a choice Daniel. This story makes a crappie scenario from the show even worse. I say good riddance. Your explanation of the Affinity scene is dead on. The look on his face was almost a plea for her to understand, but she being Sam, she doesn’t read him. For such a smart person, she is really stupid. I don’t understand how people don’t get this scene. It’s not like he is going to open up in the middle of the SGC. Not to mention, it can’t mean anything else because any other spin wouldn’t make anymore sense. Going back to even the show, I could understand her moving on and wanting a life. They could have picked a better man to do it though. Then have her actually move on instead of her going back to Jack several times trying to tell him what? That she loves him? That is so unfair to Jack and Pete. Then we don’t know if they get together after Threads. They sure push it like they do, but they also create doubt. If that’s the case, then it’s so unfair that she interrupts his time with Kerry. Because he deserves that chance to be happy too.
6/23/2021 c32 misszoey2011
Thanks for sharing.
6/23/2021 c23 misszoey2011
I hope Rffie shows up again.I also agree that Glenda is the nomb.
6/23/2021 c16 misszoey2011
I never understood the "I wouldn't be here" either.
12/9/2019 c13 Guest
Love this story, but this 3 chapter arc makes sam come off a little...terrible? If only they could learn how to communicate.
11/28/2019 c32 LNM12
Such a great storyteller...and romantic. Thanks for your work of years ago.
11/7/2019 c32 Operamom04
So, so good!
9/23/2019 c13 jaccisulueti
Dude what a last line! So beautiful
9/15/2018 c32 2c3lia
Lovely story :) very in-chaacter dialogues and characters' thoughts! Tks for taking the time to write and share it here with us :)
8/29/2018 c32 AgentKalGibbs
This story is amazing!
8/29/2018 c31 AgentKalGibbs
*dead from the hot*
8/29/2018 c26 AgentKalGibbs
8/29/2018 c22 AgentKalGibbs
I love Vala! XD
8/29/2018 c9 AgentKalGibbs
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