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4/12/2019 c16 2M.M. Chertoff
DURZA in love is so hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. Great ending! I love the Second Breakfast mug too! A favorite line from LoTR and my favorite meal too!
4/8/2019 c16 Guest
I literally have no words for this. THIS. IS. AN. AMAZING. STORY. You are an amazing writer. Keep writing amazing fan fiction.
4/8/2019 c16 2Shadowstouch
I really like how you ended this! I’m loving Murtagh’s and Durstan’s relationship and all of their interactions are great! And I also liked Murtagh teasing Thorn a lot, I don’t think you’ve written him as prone to blushing in any other works and I thought it was a lot of fun to see him that way.

Thank you a lot for the chapter and for the whole story, it’s been fun following it!
4/8/2019 c16 14nikkiliz713
Jeez, you really are running out of stories. You're gonna have to come up with new ones to keep me entertained lol. This epilogue was perfection. I did not see the Thorn/Shruikan thing coming, but I don't hate it? You always make me like pairings I never would've thought of so I guess you're just too good. Sometimes I think Murtagh is my favorite character in IC because I always love how you write him. He's a little different in all of your stories, but you can see how he came from the same general idea of a character. I'll miss the universe you created here.
3/11/2019 c15 2M.M. Chertoff
Ok, fuzzy noir snark with Murtagh and ... DURZA?
It is actually quite funny too. I'm not getting what the attraction is with Durza, though. Maybe I need to go back and re-read those fight scenes. But Ouch! Wasn't once enough?
3/2/2019 c15 2Shadowstouch
I liked how Murtagh’s and Durstan’s (wow that feels weird to write) first conversation went. There was exactly the right amount of snark, anger and this edge of something more. And the continuation of it explored that edge perfectly.

I also thought that Shruikan’s way of turning himself in was pretty funny, and he seems a bit taken with Thorn. I wonder why? I can’t remember if they have met before during Thorn’s undercover work, or maybe Shruikan has studied him from the shadows? Either way there must be a reason he knew Thorn was an agent and that Shruikan even could turn himself in to him.

I’m looking forward to see what will happen in the epilouge!
2/28/2019 c14 2M.M. Chertoff
Yes, they should talk! I can't wait to read how they work out all of this.

Great fun reading this. Just don't stop here! I can imagine "And they lived happily ever after" but I can't actually believe that is all there is to it!
2/28/2019 c1 Bea Dewing
Don’t quit now! This is such a. Weird start to a relationship that it deserves to be developed a lot more!

I want to know what Durstan has to say for himself about that last encounter. Why? is my question too! Durstan being a CIA agent doesn’t really explain his motivations for beating up our boy so very nastily.

OK, it’s Only a Story, but wudda heck?!
1/21/2019 c14 2Shadowstouch
This was so unexpected! I would never have guessed Durza was an agent! But it makes a lot of sense, with all the training and him asking Murtagh to be careful and pretty much looking out for him in there. And obviously helping Murtagh get out alive. But until the moment Murtagh heard him talking in the corridor, I didn’t even consider Durza as an agent!

I’m looking forward to see how their conversation will go, what Durza will reveal and also what the others will think and do when they find/if they find out that Durza and Murtagh had a “thing”!
12/21/2018 c14 14nikkiliz713
You are killing me! Also, I definitely saw the Murtagh/Durza thing coming, but I wasn’t sure how it was gonna play out. I’m really really hoping that Murtagh isn’t dead, but I know better than to totally trust you lol. I can’t wait for the rest!

12/21/2018 c13 2Shadowstouch
Oh wow. That was intense! It seemed like there was something more going on with Durza, like maybe he actually cared for Murtagh (even though I wouldn’t call it love). But maybe he won’t actually shoot him? Even if he is hurt by Murtagh being a infiltrator, he might care about him enough to not kill him? I mean, he is a good fighter (there must be a reason why he is one of Rex’s closest after all) so it shouldn’t be impossible for him to take the guards out. Or maybe I’m just giving his feelings too much credit and he doesn’t care.

Thank you for such an exciting chapter, I’m looking forward to see how it turns out! Also, sorry if I sounded creepy and stalkerish in my last comment on Undisclosed desires, I didn’t mean to but, it’s the internet and you have no idea who I am so... Anyway, I just wanted to say that and I hope you’ll have a great time during the holidays!
11/26/2018 c12 Shadowstouch
Thank you for an enjoyable chapter! It was interesting to see how Durza have changed since Murtagh arrived and I look forward to see what will happen next!
9/30/2018 c10 Shadowstouch
Hm, seems as if Durza is starting to care about Murtagh even if he tries not to show it. I wonder how long it will take until he makes a move and also if Murtagh will manage to not get emotionally involved. Both in Durza and in the children.

Thanks for the update!
8/20/2018 c8 Shadowstouch
I really like the chapter and I’m looking forward to see more of the kids! I also have a feeling that Durza will play a major role in the future. Maybe as a potential ally?

Thanks for the lovely chapter and I hope you are doing alright (it seems that way from your tumblr posts but text can be deceiving sometimes).
12/31/2017 c7 Shadowstouch
Holy shit! My heart feels like it’s going to jump out of my chest, that’s how intense this chapter was! I actually read this whole story today (or I starated yesterday I guess, since it’s closer to 3 in the morning right now) and it’s so so good! It’s really interesting and exciting that you switch up the pairings to keep us in suspense, I like not being able to predict the relationships or the plot beforehand.

I’m looking forward to see how Murtagh will survive on the inside of the Foresworn (if he wins this fight, which I assume he will). What will he have to do to stay alive? Will he go through with his “seduction” of Durza? Will he bow down to Galbatorix? Will he manage to send any information to the team? It’s going to be really exciting (and probably pretty horrifying as well if what you have implied earlier is true) to find out all of these questions, along with Eragon’s place in this story, if Thorn will manage to find some useful information and if Glaedr will meet Shruikan again.

It was such a joy to read this and it’s going to be wonderful to follow this story as it continues! Thank you for writing it and I hope you have a great beginning of the year!
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