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10/8/2023 c1 Guest
4/1/2023 c3 PasiveNox
great chapter nice
4/1/2023 c2 PasiveNox
great chapter
4/1/2023 c1 PasiveNox
nice chapter
3/20/2023 c4 1Jpx0999
well,shit,but i guess that works
3/13/2023 c6 Username6166
Yeah I'm just gonna give up now, this was garbage
3/13/2023 c2 Username6166
These OCs are lame as hell
3/12/2023 c19 14NarutosBrat
Personally, I think Konoha would be even more feared. They have a Jinchuuriki who has technically founded religion/cult that canonizes Jinchuuriki. I would think every village with one is going to be terrified of it spreading.
1/9/2023 c4 2KvAT
Naruto's Talk no Jutsu is so strong he immediately broke the Kiri nin's no speak policy xD
1/9/2023 c3 KvAT
They paid Naruto for protection racket and he took "protection" literally oh my God xD
12/25/2022 c9 Our Lady Silence
This is amazing! Thanks for writing and for the recap on the characters.
12/19/2022 c1 majikss
it bugs me when authors refer to naruto like he's konohas property
7/11/2022 c20 3ChimamireNoBara22
This was sooo good! It was absolutely hilarious, yet completely plausible for Naruto's life/luck XD I really hope that you are able to finish the sequel! I want to see Tomomi reunited with Deidara T.T And it'll be interesting to see how everything snowballs in regards to everything else :D
7/10/2022 c4 ChimamireNoBara22
Bahahahaha! XD
I'm laughing like a freaking loon at work! Those last two lines...just *chef's kiss* brilliant! I love that Naruto is sooo oblivious to what's happening around him...and yet observant enough to really make a change. The juxtaposition is beautifully done! Can't wait to read more!
3/15/2022 c1 YumAntimatter
I haven't logged in to ffnet in years, but I have done so today to tell you just how much this story means to me. I keep going back to it time after time, so much so that lines from it randomly pop into my head (and make me smile every time they do). Everything here is so heartfelt and kind and emotional and occasionally hilarious, and love (of all sorts) wins out in the end! I adore the different perspectives and intertwining plotlines and flashbacks, and I think this format of short sections with different titles works so well for the flow of the narrative - plus it's so unique, I've never seen this format used for a single full story before. Going in for another reread now, and this time I will be commenting as I go!
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