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7/29/2012 c4 27kopakanuvafan20
This is an interesting story. You have Ranma being related to Usagi and Rei and will most likey be friends with Ami and Minako. Do you plan to have Ranma have a connection with Makoto as well?

Is Ranma going to be someone from the Moon Kingdom or just use his skills to help out?
7/27/2012 c4 2Tri-Emperor of The Twilight
Great story
7/25/2012 c4 DigiSim
How long will it be before Luna makes her first appearance? And will there be actual characters from Love Hina showing up? Or is it just going to stay referenced only? Since this is an AU, does that mean Makoto is going to show up earlier? And will Ranma be her old sempai/boyfriend that she always goes on about?
7/24/2012 c4 1Boristus
Crescent Pulsar - The title is slightly artifact; many of the changes I have planned started out more subtle. I just liked the name too much to change it. Some of them still are subtle, though. They just haven't shown up yet.

HarbringerLady - So far, there are only three crossovers (Ranma, Sailor Moon, Negima) There may be one more, but I'm holding it in reserve for now. If I do need it, it won't be until later.

The only way there will ever be a Tenchi crossover is if I get to the equivalent of Stars and need an example of an empire wiped out by Shadow Galactica. I know nothing about the Tenchi series beyond small fragments picked up in other fics and TVTropes.

Thanks to people who pointed out spelling mishaps and typos. They should all be fixed now.
7/24/2012 c4 God's servant
This is a fun story to read. Please continue it to completion.
7/22/2012 c4 Guest
Nodoka grabbed her should.

7/22/2012 c4 Guest
While Ranma worked through this in his head, Nodoka turned to address her uncle. "You say that Jusenkyo victims have sought a curse here before," She asked. "Have any of them every found one?"

While Ranma worked through this in his head, Nodoka turned to address her uncle. "You say that Jusenkyo victims have sought a cure here before," She asked. "Have any of them every found one?"

Fairly significant word typo.
7/23/2012 c4 16HarbingerLady
how many stories will be crossed over here? Ranma, Sailor Moon, Love Hina, Negimagi...are there any others? Tenchi? Yosho is a shrine priest too right?
7/23/2012 c4 18Crescent Pulsar
I'm not sure what variations the title of your story eludes to, seeing as the ones I noticed were at best small rather than subtle (there's a difference); but what's in a name, right?

Anyway, aside from several typos/misspellings (loose and loosing instead of lose and losing, since instead of sense, of the ones I clearly remember), a few missing words and such, the story's written pretty well. It has also caught my interest, so it has that going for it too. ;p Speaking of said interest being caught, a part of it is wondering how significant a role the Negima and/or Love Hina series will have in the story, aside from Ranma learning the Shinmei-ryƫ. (I've just started to read Negima, so I'm wondering - at least in regard to the Aoyama family - if the sex of the practitioner matters, since I think that there are some male practitioners but I only know of those from the Aoyama family being female.)

Aside from that, I was a little disappointed that Ranma's curse was an issue at all with his mother, since it hadn't been in the (manga) canon. Both when she suspected that Ranma changed sex, and when she found out that it was true, nothing about manliness or seppuku came up; it's the actions and behavior that she was judging.

Also, I'm hoping the aversion to wearing girls' clothes clears up quickly enough. I suppose there could be differences considering this Ranma doesn't have three or so years of memory and experiences that the canon Ranma did, who - depending on your characterization of this younger Ranma - was probably worse off, but canon Ranma was reasonable about it once he had the clothes on the first time. And it certainly didn't stop him from the multitude of times he chose to wear various female outfits on his own initiative, to the point where a lot of his plans seem to have a "turn into a girl and dress up as one" rationale as a default part of them. Far from saying that he should like wearing girls' clothes, what I'm hoping for is that he at least tolerates them enough to consider them and use them for this or that reason.
7/22/2012 c4 Anonymous618
Good story overall. I like that you corrected the fanon error of Anything Goes disdaining weapons from a previous chapter, that speaks well of you. I like what you're doing here so far, just be careful about the fanon and continue to build your story well.
7/22/2012 c4 Jerry Unipeg
GREAT CHAPTER! (*x4) Great to see Ranma have a family and good time in his/her life.
7/22/2012 c3 Jerry Unipeg
GREAT CHAPTER! (*4) Great to see Ranma with his/her mother as a family.
7/22/2012 c4 1irnzenmonk
very good chapter ne
7/22/2012 c4 122MoonlightBushido
Loved the food battle scene between Usagi and Ranma.
7/22/2012 c4 1Artekha
great so far looking forward to seeing how it progresses
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