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6/6 c4 mrayj
in canon if I remember correctly only the navigation officer was cerberus and he didn't leave any bugs of course I could be wrong. I am sure I am right since cerberus was laying low at this point they couldn't risk there bugs being found.
3/17/2017 c6 Guest
You're full of shit. Abandoned. Crap author.
5/14/2015 c1 Naber
Dat Dresden reference
1/10/2015 c1 3Partsu
Holy SHIT this SUCKS.
This is so goddamn awful I wish to hang my past self for creating this monstrosity!

nice idea though...
11/29/2013 c6 Boomerpyro
In the end, what separates a MAN from a slave? a man chooses, a slave obey's
12/12/2012 c6 7DaLintyMan
It's odd that he has a extradimensional friend watching him, and you should probably go more in depth about him being a computer program.
10/21/2012 c6 2lotsofawsome2525
i demand moar but some of the spacing is a little confusing
8/24/2012 c5 Guest
Good idea, but try to describe who's talking and make the people in your story have clear backgrounds
8/10/2012 c3 Lin
Awesome! I love reading these self inserts. Nice job writing. You got a few grammar and spelling mistakes. But it's okay ;D. Can't wait to read more! Love the story so far. Keep it up!
7/28/2012 c2 1Mattmaster112
your grammar needs improvement, and the pace of writing feels frantic, try spacing it out a bit more. Try getting a beta.
7/25/2012 c1 1CuHnadian
First things first, I love the concept. The idea of a person being turned into an AI without request could be a fascinating story if done well. The problem is that the first two chapters don't really take advantage of this. The prologue could have had the SI fighting the AI shackles, having to grasp with the new platform and the way it views the galaxy, etc. Instead he gets the new body and is just like "Whatever". He comes across as the typical overpowered SI, with the only difference being he's been turned into a cyborg. There's also issues with the awkward pacing, lack of tension and constant grammar/spelling errors. I can understand why since it's not your native language but that doesn't make it any easier to read. A beta reader would be great help for this.

As I said, love the concept but it doesn't really take advantage of it. I'd love to see reworked version of this as I think it could go in many directions.

Keep it up, PEACE.
7/21/2012 c2 Invader Viceroy
7/21/2012 c2 DarkDarius
Congratulations for this miracle you pulled of
Couldn't write a story this long if my life depended on it... maybe, but i would be difficult. Anyway nice plot only a little to fast paced for my liking. Not a surprise in such a situation, i know, but will you take the time, to properly introduce your SI to the mass effect universe/Normandy Crew?
7/20/2012 c2 5Warmaster Tzeentch
Please update, I like where this is going.
7/20/2012 c2 33Lots-of-Little-Pink-Clouds
... Dude, this is an interesting concept. I've never seen something like this. Nice job. :) *thumbs up*

But there's one thing that bothers me... Grammar. I'm a perfectionist about grammar and spelling and about sentences making sense. The sentences here don't really make sense and Shepard seems more like a Mary Sue with her history.

But otherwise, nice job. :)
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