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5/11 c12 2PAWPatrolFam
I'm crying inside. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
5/11 c6 PAWPatrolFam
Welp, that was a quick one at that
5/11 c5 PAWPatrolFam
I got the excitement jitters from this one. Yes, peeps ship the old hunk of a tiger and the young flapper girl. It's not a canonical ship, but you gotta admit, they've been like father and daughter for the majority of the comic (and a heck ton of fanfics too, heh)
4/25 c2 PAWPatrolFam
Nice save there, Ms. Pepper.
9/22/2015 c11 flutecop
MMMMMMM THIS IS SOME NOICE STUFF NGL this quenches my thirst for ivy/viktor thank u
5/21/2015 c2 7morwenandhercats
I love these!
7/5/2014 c5 Jade
Aww... Poor Viktor. I know the guy can take a lot of pain, but still. I don't really know what else to write, but know that this got me right in the feels. Well written, not too much detail, but enough to let the reader know what's going on; good analysis of the inside of Viktor's brainbox. I have also gone through and read the rest of the stories here. I like them. You're a good writer - keep it up!
4/19/2014 c21 4Lottiesnow15
I am loving these! Great writing
12/17/2013 c19 LaiChan
Oh fuck. I'm all emotional now. Damn.
Nicely done.
12/17/2013 c17 LaiChan
To tell the truth, I actually like the Viktor centered slightly better than the Ivy centered ones. I don't mean to say I'd only like to read from Viktor's PoV. It's just when it comes to portraying their emotions regarding each other, doing it from Viktor's point of view seems, what's the word, harder? Well, that too, I guess, but that's not what I was going for exactly. Anyway, it's more appealing for me to see things from the point of view of the broken, world-weary man who's even reluctant to 'dirty' the fresh eyed, innocent (from his point of view) young girl than from said young girl's point of view. It just is.
Again, thank you for this one again. :)
12/17/2013 c15 LaiChan
12. Someday
I want my points in oatmeal cookies if I'm right.
12/17/2013 c14 LaiChan
Well, this one is so short but for some reason I just liked it so much. Ivy is so sly here, and it's subtle but not too much. Cute and doesn't drag on. Just the right size for a quick, delicious snack in between meals.
12/17/2013 c9 LaiChan
This one was cute, and could actually fit into canon.
12/17/2013 c7 LaiChan
I like this bits and pieces kinda format. Not everyone prefers 200.000 drama works. Well, I read those too, there are some good ones out there, but this format is soo much easier.
Anyway, nice going on connecting the two drabbles. Thank you for this one. I hope you don't mind if I sometimes just say thank you and something nice, even if it's small. I can't always pull an insightful review about a 1000 word chapter out of my arse. It's just that I noticed that you seem to welcome feedback and since I understand it's appreciated I think I'll try my best to review as often as I can. Some chapters may elicit a little more out of me than others though.
12/17/2013 c6 LaiChan
This one is my favorite so far. Thank you for writing this. It certainly puts them under a new perspective, even if it's a very, very unlikely one. Oh, well. That's what fiction is for. Anyway, it was very nicely done, and generally speaking (and by that I'm referring to all chapters, as opposite as to this one only) you've managed to maintain suspension of disbelief so far, raging from the more mundane scenarios to this one I'm reviewing for. What I mean is, since your characterization puts everyone's behaviors and reactions within the spectrum range of , if not right down believable, at the very least acceptable, I, as reader, am able to buy in the improbability of the situation you choose to depict, however improbable.
Do I sound like Mordecai or what? :D (I've been stalking him from afar and practicing)
Anyway, thanks so far. I'ma just keep reading. Just thought I'd show you some love. You deserve it for putting in the time and dedication for writing and sharing this.
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