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for Kurama's Child

8/23/2012 c3 64WolfDragonGod
wow cool story please update more please
8/10/2012 c3 Codename-ShadowFox
You know ever since you posted this story It's made me want to write my own Naruko/Hinata fic, but then my laziness strikes and I just go watch random anime on youtube. Anyway good chapter, and keep up the good work!
7/23/2012 c2 Codename-ShadowFox
I assume that's Kurama in the picture? Anyway good chapter, and keep it up!
7/19/2012 c1 Codename-ShadowFox
So is Kurama supposed to look like Kushina? I'm all for some leby NaruHina, and Sas-Uke is a sapsucker just you know... male sap. Anyway it looks promising so I'll give it a go!
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