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4/29/2015 c12 18shinigami nanoda
I really loved these (I reread all of them because it's been a while since I was on here), and each chapter is wonderful! The one of Bumlets dancing is beautiful.
12/17/2013 c12 41cassy1994
9/5/2013 c11 Spots1Newsiesgirl
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9/4/2013 c11 cassy1994
this was very good
9/2/2013 c10 Spots1Newsiesgirl
i like your short storys :) i hope you make more
8/14/2013 c10 cassy1994
I'm glad they can resolve their differencces that quickly
8/11/2013 c10 34Beth Rose Harker
aww! This was really cute.

I live in China, and some of the potato chip flavors here are weird. Think "Spicy fishes BBQ". Also, Blueberry (it's bad).
6/5/2013 c9 18shinigami nanoda
I like your take on back-to-school David! I love that he gets both things he wants :) Wonderful, as always!
4/20/2013 c9 34Beth Rose Harker
I think I want to read all of the David back at school fics. I really like this one, short as it is. I agree that David probably liked school and liked education. So, yeah, I think he'd be happy to be back, and not incredibly depressed. I also think he'd miss his days with the newsies. And their could be some potential for awkwardness between him and his newsies friends (though not perminantly!), and him and the other students at school ("So, what did you do all summer?" "OH, you know, led strikes and such...). Basically, David back at school plotlines are a goldmine of possibility.

ASnyway, I hope you write more one-shots, because all of these are very enjoyable to read.
4/20/2013 c9 41cassy1994
4/20/2013 c8 WhenSonnySmiles
YOU KILLED SARAH? Okay...i'm okay. But this was a beautiful tribute to her character. And the wilted flower said so much. Sad very sad. :(
4/20/2013 c9 WhenSonnySmiles
I can totally picture this. David is nothing if not studious. So i can defintely see his excitement to be back in class. Also since he's still able to sell the paper with Jack he has the best of both worlds.

Great update and welcome back. Glad to see your alive. :)
3/4/2013 c8 34Beth Rose Harker
I liked all of these, but my favorites were Mush, Trombones and Heartbeats, and Wilted. Trombones and Heartbeats was just stylistically awesome and contained lots of pretty turns of phrase. Mush was a really sweet beginning for one of my favorite Newsies (It's nice to think that he was loved. He seems to deserve it.). Wilted got me because right now I have got it into my head that there is no sort of fanfic I crave more than Jack/David hurt/comfort, and it delivered (at poor Sarah's expense, alas, but still!). A lot of the stories here seem like they could be expanded into multi chapter fics.

Oh... Also... Queers! David likes Les Mis! Yay for Les Mis! :)
11/29/2012 c8 18shinigami nanoda
Oh. My. Goodness. These two new chapters absolutely broke my heart. They are both so tragic and powerful, despite being so short. I love them both! Beautiful.
11/28/2012 c7 36woundedhearts
I thought i reviewed this - sorry friend. Great emotion as always. I love the "devil may care" attitude that Spot has, but l must admit his sorrow shines threw, even in such a simple scene. I just hope Tony kisses his pain away even if he can't do the same with the results.
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