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7/19/2012 c1 Guest
:'( Poor Abs!
7/18/2012 c1 beverlie4055
love the chapter
7/18/2012 c1 2vampire-gherkin
My condolences regarding Sophie, judging by this fictional piece so far I can only say that I'm sorry and saddened by what cruelty mankind can evoke for no real reasons (and yes, I'm kinda goth, too, and I guess I know why I prefer going out/home with friends, regardless of that). I sincerly hope you will be able to process what happened and that writing this can help you deal with it.
Thank you for a well elaborated and respectful start to a (so far quite) sad, interesting story, I will definitely keep reading.
To Sophie.
7/18/2012 c1 6hslacer
Great beginning. Poor Abby. Please update soon. Can't wait to read more.
7/18/2012 c1 Darcy Foster
Wow hoping for more serve
7/18/2012 c1 JdnHwke169
You have my attention. More please!
7/18/2012 c1 AliinaSuomi
please update soon great start
7/18/2012 c1 torontogirl12
Oh my goodness! What a start! Cannot wait for the next chapter
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