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10/1/2013 c14 6hslacer
Cool ending. So Abby .
10/1/2013 c14 gela1
Yayyyy...this is exciting! I will get on Nine weeks right away.
9/30/2013 c14 3alix33
"The difference between the two sets of parents was clear to any observer; Amanda's parents were anxious to get her home and smother her with love, while Charity's parents were only a few short steps away from blaming the victim. Gibbs curled his lip; he hated seeing parents taking the gifts life offered for granted. Ducky had noticed it too, and he whispered to Fornell about making sure social services followed up with both families." - Those sucky parents are pushing the wrong fed's buttons, IMO.
"Then comes McAbby babies." - In another fic I am reading on this site, where they are actually pregnant, the baby was called McScuito until the scan showed it to be a girl.
9/30/2013 c14 12Kikilia14
9/30/2013 c14 torontogirl12
Thoroughly enjoyed this story from beginning to end. Looking forward to the next story.
9/24/2013 c5 Charmedandcriminalminds
Loved this chapter so so much! N
5/8/2013 c13 8Hilary Parker
So happy to see a new chapter and that the girls have been found safe!
4/26/2013 c13 3alix33
"Abby nodded. "I'm a little surprised you're not out there on the trail yourself." "Not my jurisdiction," Gibbs replied automatically. That got a chuckle out of her. "Since when has that ever stopped you before?" "True," Gibbs admitted, nodding. "But I've got a deal with Fornell. If I stay physically out of the case, he tells me everything he knows." "That still hasn't stopped you before," Abby pointed out. "Of course not." Gibbs shook his head. "But one thing has. If I find him before we find Charity, I have to keep him alive. I'm not sure I can promise to do that. And if I rough him up for answers, the defense is going to turn your relationship with my team into a way to blow our case. Once Charity's safe, no promises." - I think Tobias Fornell feels pretty much the same way Gibbs does, as who says Emily Fornell is not interested in being a Goth once she has grown up a bit?
Yay! for agent O'Hara's sentiments about getting SO even with Abby's attacker.
Yay! for Charity and Amanda getting rescued.
4/24/2013 c13 12Kikilia14
Very nice- now what?
4/23/2013 c13 6hslacer
Great chapter. Well written and true to character.
4/23/2013 c1 7WhiteTree
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4/23/2013 c13 torontogirl12
Oh, thank goodness they found the girls alive. Abby is going to be happy to see them.
4/21/2013 c12 17Quintessential Queen of Hearts
Update? Pretty please? This is a good story and I'd hate to see it left incomplete.
4/8/2013 c12 Tartantrace
Hope you keep going with this story - really enjoying it :0)
4/7/2013 c12 Haley
Please, please, please continue writing this story. This is the first fan fiction that I have gotten into before it was complete because I usually don't read the unfinished ones because I am afraid that the author will stop writing suddenly and the audience will be left with a cliff hanger and never see the end. I am following this one because I read the first chapter last fall and I had to know what happened next because it is so good. Please keep going, your writing is amazing and you are one of the few authors I have found who usually edits their work, which makes it so much easier to read. Thank you for sharing this with everyone.
In peace,
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