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1/23/2013 c11 12Kikilia14
Loved Gibbs' threat to McGee. :)
1/23/2013 c11 6hslacer
Fantastic chapter. Loved the way Gibbs handled things.
1/23/2013 c11 Tanya9se
I'm usually more of a Tiva fan, but I'm really enjoying this. It feels almost like an episode, with the unsub, missing girls and characters all together. Looking forward to reading what comes next!
1/23/2013 c11 gela1
I just love this chapter! Cant wait for mor McAbby. Great job.
1/23/2013 c11 TheDuchessTab
AWWWWWW! McAbby love! And Gibbs is just Gibbs! Thanks for the update! I am loving this story!
1/23/2013 c11 scubagurl22
Great update!
1/23/2013 c11 3KrisShannon
Another great chapter! So glad Abby is getting better and getting out of the hospital. Of course Papa Gibbs would have it no other way than for his baby girl to come home with him while she continues to recuperate. YAY to Tim's declaration of love for Abby and YAY to Abby's reaction! We all knew it to be true, didn't we ;-) I loved the sneak attack from Gibbs and his making McGee squirm. This is such a true 'Gibbs' thing to do! I hope this will prompt Gibbs to speak to Tony and Ziva as well. He wants his kids happy and he knows Rule 12 needs a revision, and I think that has begun with Abby and Tim. Really looking forward to more of this wonderful story!
1/22/2013 c11 2Grffygirl
*Salutes* Permission to squeel like the little fangirl I am, sir?
*Nods* Permission granted soldier.
SQUEEE! OMG, TIM SAID I LOVE YOU! AND ABBY SAID IT BACK! OMG OMG OMG! Okay. Moment over, sort of. I've watched the two of them dance around this for so long, I was beginning to think it'd never happen. But you made my Tabby dreams come true (In this fic, at least). And it stayed true to their characters. Which takes a lot of skill, trust me. Oh, and can I have Gibbs as my dad? No? Well, I thought I'd try.
1/22/2013 c11 torontogirl12
Nice chapter. Glad that they are out in the open with Gibbs now and that he approves.
1/22/2013 c11 17Quintessential Queen of Hearts
I love this chapter so much. The whole part from leaving her room on was just delightful. And look at everyone being so lovely! Yay!
1/8/2013 c10 6Niji-chi
Hello! I was just drifting around, looking for something new to read, and I stumbled across this here fanfiction! And, boy, am I glad!
So, in what you have so far, you have done a great job keeping the characters very in character and believable. The slight humor but dark tone give it the feel of an actual episode, and the strong feelings make it seem more realistic and therefore bring out the innermost personalities of the characters. McGee is so utterly adorable and perfect, and his feelings towards Abby are echoed so perfectly in this. I also have to commend you on your portrayal of Gibbs, because his relationship is also portrayed beautifully here.
The storyline itself is wonderful, played out realistically and flawlessly, making it easy to read in that aspect. (Though it really is so difficult to read because of poor Abby!)
The only thing that has irked me is the definition of time. Sometimes I get thrown off a bit. Actually, it's really only around the parts where people are staying with Abby. But maybe it's just me. I am pretty slow, haha.
I can't wait to see what happens next in the story! Keep up the amazing work!
1/8/2013 c10 2Grffygirl
I'll say this here and now- Sarah's a bit of a nut. But we all love her. Anywho, I know what you mean about the messed up chapters and OCD. But good filler/tag-on chapter. Update soon, please.
1/6/2013 c10 3alix33
"Go into to your room, put on headphones, and ignore it." - "Go into your room" or "Go to your room".
"He glanced at the framed photo of Jethro on the end table. He missed having the furry nuisance around, but the apartment was too small and Tim was away too often. He lived with Tim's friend in Virginia now, with a huge backyard and two Huskies. Tim visited him frequently, often taking Abby, and it had worked out for all involved parties." - AW! Those huskies must be cool company for doggy Jethro.
"Tim sighed again. "Abby's not like you think, Sarah." Sarah raised her eyebrows. "I think you think I think she's worse than you think I think." Tim shook his head. "I should be worried that I even understood that." - Hehehe.
1/6/2013 c10 55PancakesAndSunshine
I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE! This is incredible. Seriously.
1/6/2013 c9 PancakesAndSunshine
Stop. Just stop being such a talented writer. Like. Wow. Omg. What.
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