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for The Marvelous Superwoman Season 2

1/21/2014 c11 ghg
plzz update your story is awesome
11/8/2012 c10 anon
Black Adam was a good ruler in Khandaq
11/8/2012 c10 SpideyLegend
Thanks for everything Brem.

And again you put an excellent chapter- Your take of Carol as Captain Marvel it's pretty interesting.

See you,

10/25/2012 c9 Guest
Great story! The origin tale was very nice too. Perhaps a little more inner monologue from Clara's POV, and perhaps Peter's as is classic Spider-Man fashion, might be better. Thanks for writing!
10/20/2012 c9 94Spidey Legend
Holy shit. What a great chapter you published! I'm enthusiastic to read more.
9/22/2012 c8 Guest
Cool! Gwen lives to tell (or not tell) the tale!
9/18/2012 c7 Guest
Cool update, can't wait to see what's next for Kara in the Marvel Universe!
9/11/2012 c2 Name1337
when wil people lean. becoming giant android versions of someone you dont like never works out
8/28/2012 c6 Guest
Wonder Woman in da house!
8/19/2012 c5 SpideyLegend
Wow, another great chapter Bren, it's a shame you haven't got any more reviews.

I like your take of Felicia being Catwoman and making Beck The Joker.

So, Loki and Mr Mxyzptlk, this has to be an interesting arc.
8/8/2012 c3 Guest
Yay! Kltpzyxm!
7/18/2012 c1 Guest
It's spelled "psycic" not "physic"

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