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6/3/2015 c14 bheolbloo
Great story, hope there is an update soon.
3/29/2014 c14 1Anime-King20
please continue
6/23/2013 c14 ShallICompareThee
LOL, I had totally forgot I had read ahead on Tumblr. The first time I read this on I thought, “I read this already,” but started thinking that maybe you had uploaded a double chapter or something. Then I remembered and went to check on your Tumblr, but couldn’t recognize what the characters were referring to, sometimes, so I just decided to keep on reading from here, seeing as I read and reviewed the second to last chapter here, last time. (Such a mess! XD)
But reading it again was SO good, I loved it. I loved the way Kurt was a bit nervous, thinking that Dave would just get his make-out fix and then head home. And I loved them being so trustful of each other and laughing at the end, happy. It made ME feel happy.
Thank you for updating! (Sorry I’m late!)
6/3/2013 c14 7R.Harper
Oh, I love this so much. I read it a few days ago on LJ, but this is always easier to comment on :)

You write them so well, and I'm really enjoying seeing how their relationship is developing in that super-sweet awkward teenaged way where you don't know what's good and what's not right.

Can't wait to
6/2/2013 c14 Jen M Star
I love this story so much. Always happy to see more of it.
6/2/2013 c14 nessyschu
Great chapter! I definitely need to make time to go catch up on LJ!
5/21/2013 c13 nessyschu
Geez, you write some hot stuff. Love it.
5/21/2013 c13 4LizzyPoodle
My tongue is hanging out...in a good way. This was grand, and utterly satisfying!
5/20/2013 c13 ShallICompareThee
Why, hello there! _
I'm at work with nothing to do, therefore here I am, doing the next best thing: reviewing fanfics! XD
I liked this chapter, the girls were so much fun and I have to say I felt as violated as Dave when you said they had likely raided his room. He can't trust any of his friends not to make it awkward for him, can he? XD
I have to say I can't think of any other development this fic might need.. where did you want to take the boys?
Thank you for the update! (I couldn't find any typo..)
5/20/2013 c13 7R.Harper
Oh man, this was so hot. I read it on LJ a while ago, but reading it again was fab :)

You write them so well together without making them out of character. Dave is exactly how I would imagine he would have been if he hadn't got into football and all that comes with it.

I'm so looking forward to reading more.
1/22/2013 c12 ShallICompareThee
Aaww. Aren’t they adorable? I liked the fact that they realized they hadn’t really talked to each other *about* each other and it was fun to see it happen during the meet-the-family dinner. XD
I liked Burt’s attitude about Kurt’s relationship and the way he scared him by pretending to do the I-have-a-gunshot talk with Dave. I liked them spending time together in Kurt’s room in the basement – ah, the good memories about that place! And it was great to see Dave go home only to find his girlfriends in his rooms.
I like the way you shaped his group of friends, they’re fun and unpredictable. Also, when he described his parents put down their books when he came back I was *so* reminded of “OAA”, in particular that scene where they’re all reading in the living room. Crap, now I want to re-read that.
Typos: “My and David are going to have”; “does feel 's”; “every nerve ending […] tingle”.
Thank you for the update!
1/19/2013 c12 Mr. Glamour Shot
Normally, I hate the Kurt-Dave switch roles premise. You have officially turned me. While Kurt and Dave have different levels of popularity, I commend you with keeping to their personality if they originated in their assigned social status. If Kurt was always popular, I absolutely see Kurt being this person. Even more impressive is Burt's response to Kurt's personality. At his core, I see Dave as this person in his character on the show. Strong in his convictions to be turned off by this version of Kurt. The Dave on the show loves Kurt as the real Kurt. And in your story, we are getting brief glimpses of Kurt. One thing I also like is that your Dave isn't a wimp. While he may be unpopular, Dave is a "fight" not "flight" kind of guy. I am sooooo not a fan of stories when Dave doesn't Stand up for himself because he is so guilty for his bullying past. Glad that your Dave uses his size to his advantage. And lastly, thank you for adding Kurt's perspective. We get that Kurt is in love with Dave for his intellect, confidence, convictions, and his future. I like that you show Kurt as Dave's equal.
1/17/2013 c12 3blzrgurl71
I missed this story so much! Glad it's back, loved the update!

1/17/2013 c12 21GayforKurt
Oh, man, I think this just might be my favourite chapter so far! Then again, given your record for pleasing me, I might be saying this several more times. Good job!
1/17/2013 c12 nessyschu
Great chapter! Burt Hummel wins all the awards ever.
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