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7/2/2008 c15 shadowstorm13
awesome story i love the outside views on kel and the others thank you for writing you rule

i love this story and hope that you will become a sucessful writer you definetly have what it takes never give up and you will provale

good luck

not that you'll need it


4/4/2007 c15 6lemsterette
I love it. It kind of finishes off ICBW, in a way. I love how much Joren loves Kel, and how Vinny notices it. I love the last part. I pretty much love the whole thing except for Kel's overalls [I'm hoping not even she would wear those, but it's your story.]

If you ever change the names and get published, remember to tell us so we can buy it!

: D great story!
1/15/2007 c15 fliccolo
Great story. great ending. and i'm really glad liam found somebody.
8/8/2005 c15 lil' diane
YOu should write another sequal. THese stories are really good. Better than a lot i've read before. Good job! Good luck with your future stories, i know you'll do really well. Bye.
6/10/2005 c15 4FanFictionFantom
i cant believe its over. whoa. i finished. it took me months but i finished! im definitely not disappointed. its easy to forget that im reading fanfiction and not a legit novel(s). which hopefully they will become one day :]

the gift was great. it was a lot like ICBW 1. adventures and journeys and a nice conclusion at the end. fantastical. i will be back to reread, but as for now, its 11:24 at night and i need some shut eye.

you're a hell of a writer.


worshipfully yours,

6/10/2005 c14 FanFictionFantom
i like vinny too. he's sort of a mix of all my fave characters: he's got joren's, well, everything, neal's vanity, and faleron (king)'s wit and sleight of hand. and it was clever naming the place "styx". the river between life and hell in greek myth i think it was. so next chapter will be my like almost last review, if not dead last. i forgot if i reviewed that ICBW spoiler u published recently.
6/10/2005 c13 FanFictionFantom
geez im so scared for him! for a character existing solely in this computer right now. its scary how much baker has changed. who could make this kind of choice? damn...
6/10/2005 c10 FanFictionFantom
im intrigued...i cant believe im five chapters away from finishing all of the fics set in this AU. its sad really...i do hope theyll be published one day. i can say to people, "yeah i read this back when it was still online, kids". sigh.
6/10/2005 c7 FanFictionFantom
haha oops i think i called vinny joren in the last review...what they are very similar haha :]

this is awesome, i love me a good mystery/action story. and its very eery too. props.
6/10/2005 c6 FanFictionFantom
i really like it, but i thought at first that yvenne had entered the beauty contest to win prize money or something. ah well. and joren says he prefers grey over blue, but shouldnt he hate what it stands for? the grey men and Styx and all that?
6/10/2005 c5 FanFictionFantom
the flashback to Styx was amazing. u made me shudder just thinking about being one of those kids...itd be so horrible. and its rare that stories can make me feel that way. his escape, hell the whole hospital flashback, sort of reminded me of the rats of NIMH. i dunno if u ever read it but its pretty much supersmart rats escaping the lab and its really good.
6/10/2005 c3 FanFictionFantom
lucky beetch...i laughed out loud. man those farmer guys must be stupid. i love it, it seems just like ICBW season 1 for some reason. probably because theyre ADVENTURING!
6/10/2005 c2 FanFictionFantom
man it doesnt matter if ur not incorporating tortall that much anymore. to me, this whole thing seems like original fiction from the start of ICBW to now.
6/10/2005 c1 FanFictionFantom
i love it! im wondering if its gonna start with one main character and then branch off into many like ICBW did...but i really like it :]
8/12/2004 c15 Ti-Ti
You write like a true author...I love your stories..good luck in life, and MAYBE, you'll come and give a little fanfic treat of Miss Tamora?

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