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3/26/2016 c14 chuurin
I wish C. Queen would write a story about grown up James and Wren. Amen.
9/16/2015 c14 natsuki23
Oh, I just love how Albus and Gellert are like together. Gellert believes that they will be together forever, so cute! And they will be together forever. I love Louis and Rory together as well as James and Wren, do I and Chris, Al and Scorpius and all the other pairings you have for this! I love them! Looking forward to the next chapter!
9/14/2015 c14 hotflower901
Wishes are the best.
9/14/2015 c14 Guest
An update, yay! I love these couples!
9/12/2015 c1 chuurin
Woah you updated! Thank you~
I wish I could hug you
James and Wryn :333
I hope you can make a separate story about them, and FredGabrielle too!
I've been pinning for them since "A Magical Bond" :33
7/15/2015 c13 prozi.ozigizaga
Wow! I am so in love with this fic. Its so cute. I love your characterization. Alexei, Sev, Rory, Albus, Gellert and all the rest just make the fic so much wholesome.
5/3/2015 c13 natsuki23
Way~! I love reading about your couples! Please update soon, I look forward to the update!d
7/26/2014 c13 notthewheel
7/9/2014 c13 sirius1696
Since Phoenix can play matchmaker and this story is long will the other pairings from here make an appearance in A Magical Bond?
6/26/2014 c13 12MnemeMemory
This is really adorable :)
You're such an amazing writer!
6/20/2014 c1 36listeninggame
How cute!
4/17/2014 c12 notthewheel
I love the beets! And Al and his stomach
1/22/2014 c11 14Gracie15
EEP! I love little Finn! The fact that his favorite person in the whole world is Teddy is utterly adorable :)
1/20/2014 c11 notthewheel
Finn! I'm so happy he shows up! And Star Wars! Brilliant! Albus is a genius!
1/19/2014 c11 Guest
We all love him to :)
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