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for A Muggle Holiday

2/2/2006 c1 18Keline Jacquegai Chisp
This was cute. I definately think it could have been better if you had simply put in some more details about what they did. But I did like the piece where James gave Lily the necklace. I bet ya she died with it on. really nice, good and gushy!


the Stranger in the moonlight.
12/9/2004 c1 Jewels White
AW that was cute i love it write more more more...
10/27/2004 c1 12GringottsVault711
Okay - that was great. It was funny (Black. Sirius Black, and butterbeer "shaken, not stirred" just did it for me) and the end was super-sweet. I metaphorically melted right out of my chair. It's my favorite one of your stories HP fics - and I've read them all now. So that means you need to write another one soon.
11/26/2003 c1 Whippy Bird
Wow. I really like this. It kind of reminds me of another story I read. 'Lily and James: A Prophect Fulfilled' or something like that. Anyways, I really liked this. It was really cute. Are you going to add more? I'm going to cheack your bio now to see if you wrote anything else...Great work!
8/25/2003 c1 4Marauders Magelet
I was going from favrite authors too favorite authors of other authors, when I found you. I really like your story. Its sweet. Keep writing.
8/19/2002 c1 2Michelle Ravel
Hon, I loved this, from Lil and Natalie's little prank-on-a-prank to Sirius' James Bond obsession! (he'd LOVE James Bond!) In fact, I really liked it when you explained how he started to like motorcycles!

And the L/J scenes were adorable!

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