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for All I Want

2/4 c3 Guest
OMG I loved this story. It may have seemed quick, but really it had been coming since the moment she laid eyes on him on the Hogwarts express.
2/4 c1 Guest
Wow! Explosive first chapter! Can't wait to read the next chapter :-)
12/9/2021 c5 rubyred753
Oh, I love little Teddy here!
10/29/2021 c3 Guest
Purebloods ARE better than muggleborns. Period. How TF does Hermione think magic even came into being to begin with? Gee, maybe the actual purebloods who built magic society? But I forgot, she's the expert over eons of ancient magic families. Thank God Draco "saw the error of his ways" and now thinks purebloods are quite literally no different than mudbloods. Hm, where have I heard this trope before? Oh thats right, I see it every single day in society. "we're all equal" and if you disagree you should eradicate your own genetics, bloodlines, and entire culture and history, lest the lesser thans get offended.
9/20/2021 c7 ciaorose141004
This is one of the best dramione fanfiction I have read in a long time. Thank you for your funny humorous words and a great story.
9/18/2021 c7 Yaaaaaaaish
I Really enjoyed this.. It is nothing like what I have ever read before… quite unique and Just love the flow of the story…
4/6/2021 c7 Artemis Leigh
Those Daily Prophet lines are a fantastic hit! Especially the part about Luna hexing Ginny and Neville punching Ron! Thanks for writing such a great story! You brought joy to all those who are fortunate enough to have read this! Thank you again for writing!
p.s I have reviewed most of the chapters of All I Want, just under different names
A.L or H.C or C or H.L
4/6/2021 c6 Calliope
. .Fanfic. . !
4/6/2021 c5 Calliope
Best story ever! do you have any other stories?
4/6/2021 c4 Hestia Leigh
if I didn't know better, I would have thought that you are J. !
4/6/2021 c3 Hestia Chase
4/6/2021 c2 Hestia Leigh
3/2/2021 c7 Queen Tyra
My new favourite fanfic, absolutely amazing...
I just love a good Ron Weasley bashing and DRAMIONE is one of my favourite parings. Do write some more..
10/12/2020 c1 Chloe
awwww maan! ginny and hermoiney need to make up!
9/30/2020 c3 Sairyn
Normally I don't do this, but this is litterally the third story that I've tried to read where the writers are blandantly demanding reviews - it's very off putting and may make some of the readers (myself included) not want to continue. Particularly because it seems as if you'd already finished writing BEFORE you posted. Distasteful, if you ask me. I won't be reading further but will be leaving my thoughts regardless.

Besides the horrible OOC of Minerva, I really, truly cannot get over how quickly you shoved Draco and Hermione together. It was just... cringy. There simply was no build up at all. The idea that Draco gives her a journal annomonously was a nice touch but not nearly enough to smooth over the too fast transition. It was almost as if someone had slipped Hermione a love potion - that bad.

I also didn't like how you turned the whole Weasley family against Hermione and Harry as well. I dislike that blandant OOC action as its really, really out of cannon. Harry, while not very good at refereeing fights between Hermione and Ron, would never have cut her off. Nor would Hermione, she'd still try to be there for him no matter what. The whole Weasley family knows what Ron is like and its just not excusable to write that. While I can understand Molly being upset, Ginny of ALL people knows what her brother is like. In my opionion she wasn't even very close to Ron, but closer to the Twins.

However, I think the worst was the idea of Hermione getting fired over some 'rumors' at work plus Minerva, I wanted to gag at how... un Minerva she was. She's a very refrined, well put together witch that isn't likely to give over the top complements nor praise.
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