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for A Very Good Team

1/26 c1 Home
while I loved this first chapter, things are perhaps moving too fast?
11/11/2022 c60 2chrissyjoy
I've loved all the chapters so far but this I just had to comment on. I've been in a very emotional mood anyway the last week or so but this chapter with Hulk taking care of Cap really just hit me in the feels. ️ It's such a great concept and it was so well written.
2/2/2022 c73 1Alexandria.Nymphadora
You changed Bucky’s backstory from earlier in the fic. Where his dad left when he lost his job and Becca died.
10/30/2021 c92 6Sweet Little Hufflepuff
Amazing collection
10/13/2021 c62 XYZeee
Can we plz get a part 2 of this chapter, where steve teaches yearlin a lesson for disrespecting women
9/3/2021 c48 GriffindorARMY
this chapter is so sweet. i keep smiling the whole time I read it. family time. what a precious moment. and everybody helping it's so family energy
9/2/2021 c20 GriffindorARMY
It's okay. I don't want to think about fighting anyway. Too much fighting I had read. So your story kind of my cup of tea at the moment. Just reading about fighting and violence make your head hurt. Trust me
5/8/2021 c55 Mandvi
A person who follows Hinduism is a Hindu. Hindu is religion. One of the most widely spoken language in India is HINDI!
4/25/2021 c90 55daenabenjen42
So, so needed this team celebration of the Dodgers for Steve. :) Love this! So, so much.
4/16/2021 c71 Luminous-Wave
This makes me so sad. My country can't have Pi day because we use DD/MM/YYYY
3/20/2021 c92 Jhessill
I found this by accident, fell in love with it, and will certainly be watching for any more of your muse bites. These are great.
3/20/2021 c2 PrimeReader
90 Chapters ago...
A/N: I intended "A Very Good Team" to be a one-shot, but the Avengers keep talking In My Head! They're not doing anything in particular; they're just conversing, getting to know each other. To get them out of my head, I have to write them out, and once I write the stories, I might as well post them. So here we go with chapter 2.
The Avengers are quite the chatty crowd.
Thanks for sharing your stories️
3/17/2021 c92 Guest
I enjoyed this. Thanks!
3/19/2021 c18 6cshen.julienne
O my gosh there are tears. I would love to have friends like that.
3/19/2021 c10 cshen.julienne
Dang it that is so in character. I love everything.
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