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for A Very Good Team

5/8 c55 Mandvi
A person who follows Hinduism is a Hindu. Hindu is religion. One of the most widely spoken language in India is HINDI!
4/25 c90 53daenabenjen42
So, so needed this team celebration of the Dodgers for Steve. :) Love this! So, so much.
4/16 c71 Luminous-Wave
This makes me so sad. My country can't have Pi day because we use DD/MM/YYYY
3/20 c92 7Jhessill
I found this by accident, fell in love with it, and will certainly be watching for any more of your muse bites. These are great.
3/20 c2 PrimeReader
90 Chapters ago...
A/N: I intended "A Very Good Team" to be a one-shot, but the Avengers keep talking In My Head! They're not doing anything in particular; they're just conversing, getting to know each other. To get them out of my head, I have to write them out, and once I write the stories, I might as well post them. So here we go with chapter 2.
The Avengers are quite the chatty crowd.
Thanks for sharing your stories️
3/17 c92 Guest
I enjoyed this. Thanks!
3/19 c18 6cshen.julienne
O my gosh there are tears. I would love to have friends like that.
3/19 c10 cshen.julienne
Dang it that is so in character. I love everything.
3/19 c8 cshen.julienne
Soo cute
3/18 c92 Ayjah
Had to sit down and read from the very beginning. A lovely way to spend an afternoon. Loved each and every chapter. Thank you for the update!
3/18 c92 RAGAnne
This is one of my favorite "way too long" movies to play in the background when I'm working on other stuff in the evening. The music is catchy. Thanks for including it in an Avengers story.
3/18 c4 cshen.julienne
Omg that was adorable. I love it!
3/18 c1 cshen.julienne
Omg this is so cute! I love it! Why am I only seeing this now?
3/17 c92 12Mystic 777
My mom frequently makes corned beef and cabbage with cooked potatoes. I haven't seen the movie you referenced but this was a fun chapter.
3/17 c92 1StoryFinder1

I always love your stories, and this one was no different. I still remember the day me and my siblings found this movie at our local library. We were shocked when we got to the point where we thought it would start rapping up and instead had an intermission, but it was well worth our time! I am always telling friends about The Happiest Millionaire, and doing my best to get the songs stuck in their head.

Thanks for another fun story about the Avengers and a wonderful reminder of The Happiest Millionaire to go along with it. Have a lovely St. Patrick’s Day!

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