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2/15/2016 c1 2Biichi-gi
I realize this was written 4 years ago but I have just re found and finished watching all of Falling Skies so...I loved this! You know they never actually said what he felt 'conncted' but alluded to it with Rick's comments and the interaction between him and Maggie and their inability to remain uninvolved once they shared that bond, regardless of morality or relationships. I think this is a sensitive, well thought out and touching perspective on the—well let's just say it—enslavement used on these children. One can imagine the allure of the hive mind whilst having no particular interest in experiencing it and you have done a swell job of representing it. Kind of the 'we, not I' perspective found in twinning relationships only more intense. The only bad part? Yuck, it was with Karen! And I have to say, the part of the story that made me the most mad was when they removed Maggie's spikes and did not return them to Ben which I bet they could've done had they switched it immediately. I cannot but think he'd have been better off with the full complement in place. Again...swell story, well done
6/25/2013 c1 lovemeforwhoiam
really good you should do another chapter
12/2/2012 c1 70Whirlwind421
That was brilliant. I really like that moment in the show. It was very interesting. And I love what you wrote about Ben's thoughts even better! It was so interesting! I enjoyed it a lot!
8/28/2012 c1 8bubblesquirt
Insanely good. Flowed perfectly and I didn't mind the use of first person, which I think is so hard to write. Great job!
8/11/2012 c1 guest reader
wow one of the best fallingskies fics i have read you should write about ben and the skitter rebellion
7/24/2012 c1 Reader

Please write more Karen and Ben fics. Speculative of course, tough to write for her as she is right now in the show. But just say Ben tries to break her brainwashing, or her reaction to the connection was real and that helps her, in time, over come the brainwashing on her own. Could you write something along those lines?

I need more of what you've just written! :)
7/23/2012 c1 guesswho
I love your story, and although it msy sound odd i kinda like the idea of a ben and karen romance
7/23/2012 c1 22shadowwolf547
nice oneshot mate. I really like how you went into depth with Ben and Karen connection in the episode. well done.
7/22/2012 c1 48ebi pers
Stunningly written. You drew out every last emotion from this character, laid all his vulnerabilities bare. You described so perfectly what I imagine his thought process must be and I love how deep you dove into it. I lost myself in your story. It was the little things, the description of his memories and the way he feels, that added such depth to him in a scene that already contained such depth. I applaud you. Thanks for this brilliant piece of writing!
7/22/2012 c1 9BookWorm0001
Wow, this is awesome - It seems like the perfect way to describe how the connections feels. It's just only barely imperfect because that feeling can not be put into words as far as I'm concerned. Which is why this is so amazing - you captured it wonderfully.
7/22/2012 c1 18WhisperMaw
Wow. That was really well written. I felt Ben's frantic feelings like I was connected too. Props to you. I hope you write more One Shots like this in the future.
7/22/2012 c1 Guest
That was really good! Please write more! :D
7/22/2012 c1 47DancerInTheDark101
Wow. What an amazing piece of writing! Homecoming is easily one of my favorite episodes and you've really managed to capture the essence of the episode. I love how you delved into Ben's mind for that scene with Karen. You really got his character right - in the way of his thoughts and mannerisms. Amazing read. Can't wait to see what else you pull out :)

Thanks for the awesome read.

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