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for Stanger Than Wishing!

7/27/2012 c4 15Richard Ryley
Heehee. Now that WAS a cute way to clue in Tatewaki. Although the wish seems like a waste, since he would have been splashed with water anyway.

Although, I suppose it's possible Tatewaki wouldn't have figured it out without a wish that SAID he had to figure it out. He sure fought it as long as he could. :D
7/23/2012 c3 Richard Ryley
Okay, that was amusing, but a bit random. I thought Ranma trying to hint at his identity was a bit overboard, even moreso that nobody got it, but it was funny. After all, if Kuno is Kuno he wouldn't know about the curse, so you'd think they'd realize he was Ranma. Plus, all he'd have to do is call Akane an uncute tomboy.

I'm waiting for Kuno to turn into the Pigtailed Girl, but who knows how he'll react. :D
7/22/2012 c2 dana-san
Your story is a great idea but you need someone to beta your stories in order to correct your grammar and help you with description of scene and character. You have the right sense of the characters but need to take your time with the story. I will read your next chapter.

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