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9/15 c1 WeisseHex
Wow, I can't believe that Merlin himself will help Harry; will he tell who he is now?
9/1 c7 9sherryola
i know I reviewed this when I read originally, but I just had a comment about Kingsley. How could he do the fidelius? that house belongs to Harry. shouldn't he have bothered to get Harry's permission and ask him who should be the secret keeper? Just a thought. lol.
8/19 c1 ALE686
What a nice story i found!
6/5 c2 Li-Ion89
what even is the plot if we are close to the end of the material lol
4/10 c3 erozoth
wow, what a terrible plot line. Actually making things worse than the original just to extend the same drama, I actually thought this will some how show them learning to change the world and instead the bs of Voldy being so powerful but only in the end, otherwise he was a stupid as usual?
At least its chapter 3 so I didnt waste much time reading.
12/31/2020 c28 pkjmn
Not often I cry my eyes out like this but here I am doing just that. That was one of the most emotional and beautiful chapters I've read.
9/6/2020 c5 2CureCaligraphy
*snrk* I'm sorry, did Godric name his phoenix after a Pokemon centuries before Pokemon was even a THINGm
9/2/2020 c3 Corwin502
I thought you had to be born with the ability to use the old religion like that and have your eyes turn gold, isn't that why only a few peoples eyes do it and why they were so much more powerful in the show. like merlin and dragon lords, and whatever morgana and her sister were, and that's also why they were so powerful even compared to other spell casters? been awhile since I watched the show but, anyway I'm enjoying the story even if I'm late to the party
8/18/2020 c28 dianis2013
well...i just cried my eyes out, it was so beautiful
7/7/2020 c40 ScarletRainbow1
I loved this story. Thank you so very much and...keep up the good work.
5/18/2020 c39 Mia Delique
This.. was.. AMAZING! I am inLOVE with your writing. i love this story so much!
4/17/2020 c39 3FlamingPhoenix7
Awesome! This was bloody fantastic! Someone should make this into a series! Just because there’s no way a movie can be long enough to include everything! I love how both Merlin and Harry Potter was incorporated together, everything flowed so well! I loved it! Thank you for writing and completing this!
3/21/2020 c3 Jack1nTheBox
wha... why? why would you have Voldemoer learn of the Old religion? I was pretty sure that Voldemort would have been offered here and that this was a story about rebuilding what had been lost, not boosting Voldemort for no real reason. Why do so many people insist on beefing up Voldie. he was already powerful enough and he was destined to die in that moment.

He was a genius and he was a prodigy but that is a bit much isn't it? the old religion has quite a lot of sentience it would have warned Emrys if someone like that was learning how to use it. this is just wrong.
3/21/2020 c1 Jack1nTheBox
not sure how I feel about you making Harry's destiny seem even greater than Emrys' but I've gotten quite attached to Emrys in my watching and rewatching Merlin so that's probably just bias on my part. Still though, I am uncertain as to why harry is the only one who can "kill" Vildemort. it always seemed to me that after Voldemort struck Harry down he should have been killable by anyone. since the Elderwand wasn't loyal to him it shouldn't have been as powerful as it could have been.
3/20/2020 c40 6cshen.julienne
Okay, I'm crying. I didn't sleep for this hahaha :) I love it! Thank you for writing a heartfelt story.
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