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for Turles's Triumph

1/20 c125 The Rocha
Fantastic chapter! You indeed keeping us up on our toes! I thought Turles had this one in the bag, but it turned out very wrong.

Still, I think Turles just gained some new, very valuable knowledge here.

And boy, did Bulma choose an horrible time to get pissed! However, I don't blame her.
1/20 c125 Rawrz
Oh boy :P SSJ gohan to be.
Cant wait to see whats going to happen!
Its getting more interesting and interesting each chapter.
Great work as usual!
1/17 c125 DarkReina
And this one...wow! Just Wow!
That was exciting! :D

That battle was really intense!
An incredible display of power! :D
I'm impressed, how strong Gohan has become.
And I'm proud of him. :)

And kudos to Turles for putting up such a good fight!
And for saving Chi-Chi and plunging into the water to attempt to save Gohan at the end.
And, of course, wanting to save Gohan throughout the whole battle, even though in the past he would have disposed of Gohan, if he had ever dared to attack him.
I didn't miss the irony of that either. :)
I really like Turles in this chapter!
He sure is amazing!

As far as Bulma and Daiz are concerned,
I feel sorry for them both.
And i understand how Yamcha feels,
but I somehow still don't like him.
I dunno why, but he doesn't seem very likable to me...
1/17 c124 DarkReina
I love that chapter! :D

Daiz was just priceless in the beginning! XD
Gotta love his character!
He sure knows, how to treat Bulma. :)
That was the best example of "chasing rainbows" I've ever seen!

The part where Turles was devouring his breakfast really cracked me up!
It would have been so funny, if Chi-Chi had really collapsed or emptied her stomach in front of him!
And jeez! If only Turles knew, how right he was, when he said Kakarot must have struck his head at some point while on Earth! :O LOL!

And Gohan...Wow!
He really made an impression here!

That chapter's amazing!
Thank you! :D
1/16 c13 Agent Tex 01
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes finally he got what he deserves but what were they talking about what did salsir do
1/16 c12 Agent Tex 01
Nice twist so turles killed goku dang welp I Have no questions for know
1/16 c11 Agent Tex 01
I hate salsir I just because he is the new guy why does hate gohan anyway
1/16 c10 Agent Tex 01
naver mess with turles man first mistake the cops made
1/16 c10 Agent Tex 01
man this is so good gohan is learning fast
1/16 c9 Agent Tex 01
like I said turles is a softie turles is becoming nicer to gohan and daiz also can we get a turles back story about turles
1/16 c8 Agent Tex 01
hehe turles is becoming a softie and daiz to chapter 8 was short but I like it gohan is also learning a few things from daiz I still hope the he will have more to learn also can we also learn what books gohan is reading you know setting up for a plot in a later chapter again good jop with the story
1/16 c7 Agent Tex 01
hey again I'm really enjoying the story also is there a katchia back sorry in a later chapter then again really enjoying the story keep it up
1/15 c125 15songoku
Yes! It's been a while since we've seen a fight! I've actually forgotten how strong Gohan is at this point, the super saiyan is emerging and Turles won't last if this keeps up. That's gonna hurt Turles's pride but he's gonna have to do his best.
Oh my God, it's Bulma having a relapse? I guess when you're in space so long you kinda forget all the stuff you had in your past life. I don't really remember but I thought at this point she had already broken up with yamcha, I'm not very sure though. Though I
Wonder how Daiz is going to explain himself, will that even be enough? He could probably shift the blame onto one of the other pirates that were with him but that would just hurt Everyone in the long run. He'll have to come clean but that's not gonna be much better, he'll have to seriously work that silver tongue of his.

Oh no, was Gohan just eaten by a space alligator? Papa Turles is right behind him though so I'm sure he'll be okay. They're Saiyans after all.

Thanks for the update, a lots going on and I'm really excited for how they're gonna sort all of this out. Hopefully Bulma and Daiz get their crap together though. Gohan's in danger and they need a cure. Turles is not gonna be happy with either of them.
Great chapter, see ya next time
1/14 c6 Agent Tex 01
also why does turles and daiz always call gohan brat
1/14 c6 Agent Tex 01
its nice to see turles give candy to gohan it's cool please make more
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