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for Accepting Her Demons

11/21/2021 c14 reptoholic
has so much potential
11/21/2021 c13 reptoholic
shit they are gong to get caught... yessss
11/21/2021 c12 reptoholic
lol! these girls need to have a serious talk soon
11/21/2021 c11 reptoholic
Multi pair this
11/21/2021 c10 reptoholic
11/21/2021 c9 reptoholic
he better not just be a follower.
11/21/2021 c8 reptoholic
go gog go
11/21/2021 c7 reptoholic
REally Do no Like Rei
11/21/2021 c6 reptoholic
11/21/2021 c5 reptoholic
11/20/2021 c4 reptoholic
Love it
11/20/2021 c3 reptoholic
11/20/2021 c2 reptoholic
kill t hose fuckers
11/20/2021 c1 reptoholic
yesss Love Oc's
7/31/2017 c10 Guest
This story is reaaaaaly good and I hope you will update it again . The only thing for me is the -chan thing. I know that it's a Japanese honorific but it's mostly used by children. And also to cute people but saeko and says is definitely not cute they are fucken sexy and the use of chan is just cringy
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