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for Accepting Her Demons

3/9/2013 c12 9Aemon.D.Boneless
dude if you get this review let me start of by saying im a fan, second the only other thing i got to say if continue the story this shit is freaking awesome
12/1/2012 c12 AnimeOtaku21
I do love this story and I've been reading it from the start so I really do hope you update soon.
11/2/2012 c12 Shipping Ry-Sae
I've been reading this story since the start... and I'm kinda heartbroken that Ryk is so easily turned with Saya... not that I don't understand her reasons, but Ryk going for Saya so soon? Saya's 1 day trip overturned Saeko's week-long trip? I dunno it's just me but I really want some Ryker-Saeko love again!

But on a side note, your writing is realistically based and I have so much fun reading this, thank you Sarion
10/30/2012 c12 Pingn
Your writing a very fun story. I hope you find time and inspiration for more. I know what you mean by the humidity. I grew up in Mississippi. So I had gills from birth. Lol don't know if I should worry or be happy for Ryker getting caught between Saya and Saeko. I won't give any spoilers (just in case) but the Asami and Khota relationship in the manga...yeah. I almost didn't know if I wanted to turn the page for a moment. Intense stuff.
10/10/2012 c10 25Tilthanial
I'm posting this now because I am horrendous at remembering to review a story once I catch up/finish it. I love this story. You've done a rally good job incorporating your OC without boring the reader with forced attempts at back story and whatnot. Ryker's personality fits in perfectly with the other characters; I can picture him in my head without any disconnect to the original HOTD style. You've got the anime-guy awkwardness down well, but its good to see him becoming more and more confident. More anime guys need to just shut up and take the first step, darn it!

The relationship between him and Saeko is advancing at a solid pace too, so congrats on nailing that hard-to-find balance. I didn't miss a beat when the rest of the group arrived and Ryker began relating to the others. Saya's not my favorite female in the party (actually, probably my least favorite) but you're keeping true to her character and it's nice to see her have to deal with someone she has to acknowledge is competent.

My only real complaint is how they didn't scavenge from the dead "live" people after the gunfight earlier in the story. But then again, since this is based on an Anime and Ryker doesn't seem to need a ton of firearms, it only bothered me as a passing thought. Otherwise, I've really...really enjoyed reading this story.

This is one of the highest quality fanfics of its size/genre I've found on this site.
9/21/2012 c12 The Ember Queen
9/21/2012 c7 MyDigitalHazard
9/20/2012 c12 1PandaTrueno86
First off, allow me to say it's good to hear you made it back home. You earned it. Second of all, ASAMI! She's so cute. I also noticed this is the first fanfic I've read that included her. So I'm happy that someone was able to do it. Also, next chapter in my story I would like to give you a credited shout out if that would be all right.
9/19/2012 c12 56Gravenimage
Great story I can't wait for the next chapter.
9/19/2012 c12 Caet
Well... That is certainly one way to pair them! Very well done. I was wondering how you were going to test the water with that idea and I am not disappointed. As I have said before, I completely understand some OOCness due to emotional circumstances. So that still does not bother me in the slightest. Asami is so cute and do want more Alice! I love that both she and Ryker share a separate language for some side dialogue. I am excited to see where the group ends up next!
9/17/2012 c12 27francisthewitcher
Another good chapter, good work Sarion. I'll be waiting the next chapter
9/17/2012 c11 1Pablojcd
I'm thinking about doing some fan art of ryker and could use your opinion on how he should look. Help please I have a vague idea but need a foundation for it. Other than I love your writing :)
9/14/2012 c11 Pablojcd
The best HOTD I have written in a while and your perfect with my taste and the action is perfect as well
9/9/2012 c11 Caet
Zombie beasties and illeist Asami Nakaoka, oh my! It will be interesting to see where you decide to go with this character. I think she is adorable too! And I actually didn't mind the medical talk. With instruction like that, I'm sure even I could do an IV. (If my arms could stop noodling.) Ending on crush drama as well? I would be a liar if I said I wasn't having fun with it. Have a safe and speedy trip home, my friend!
9/9/2012 c11 27francisthewitcher
Good work, I'll be waiting the next chapter. Keep it up.
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