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for Accepting Her Demons

9/9/2012 c11 5War Sage
good chapter keep going
9/7/2012 c8 Axcel
I'd just like to point out that, while it's easy for me to say, not being there, those "civilians" Ryker gunned down were anything but innocent. They were child-terrorists, murderers, and female future suicide-bombers. Ultimately, his actions would probably have saved a lot of genuinely innocent lives and soldiers in the future.
9/5/2012 c3 Hades3113
You're a very good writer, however because of the detail this chapter and the one before it did not have a lot of actuall content, so my advice to you would be to make your chapters longer.
9/5/2012 c10 Hades3113
Ermaged, dis stery iz gret!1!1one! But seriously I decidrd to take a peek at chapter 10 in order to ascertain wether or not this story is worth reading and id certainly say that it is.
9/3/2012 c10 1PandaTrueno86
To me personally, there's nothing wrong with adding a filler chapter that has no action. A little bit of drama and conversations between characters helps development and shows the reader the daily lives in a zombie outbreak.
9/3/2012 c1 28francisthewitcher
Nice chapter, bro. I love the US army. Keep it up, you have my support.
9/3/2012 c9 Caet
I think this is a nicely balanced chapter. A fun tease at the beginning and I love how you brought the gang together again. The part about Shizuka using her crazy boobs as a pillow against the steering wheel made me chuckle. I envisioned it as I was reading. Gotta love her as a comic relief
9/3/2012 c9 The Ember Queen
My good lord! First, let me say.. Nose bleed for chapter 8! I love your OC so I just couldn't help but fangirl when I read that... Lovely scene.. And also, you do a great job in writing the characters, because you stick with their traits and personality very well, so that makes the reading flow better then some other ones I have read... I really just wanna fangirl all over this story but I feel like it may be to much to handle... Just... My feels. I love this.
9/2/2012 c2 17AltenativeFutureFan27
know how to end a chapter with suspense like
"this will be the end of saeko or fate have something planned find out next on Accepting her Demons only on Fanfiction" also good chapter can i ask how many chapters will be?
9/2/2012 c9 1PandaTrueno86
If I had artistic talents I'd draw a chibi Alice running away from giant strawberries. Now I have that image in my head now! In the mean time, I raise my beer can in hopes you make it home safe! And we the readers shall await further chapters!
9/2/2012 c9 5War Sage
good chapter keep going
8/29/2012 c8 1Tsunashi777
Man , this is AWESOME story , please continue it !
8/21/2012 c8 1PandaTrueno86
I think the best advice I can give you is aside from the anime, read the manga ( has scans of the series so far) and study Saeko's speech and mannerisms. I find if you write a story, envision you are her in whatever situation you choose to write her in and figure out what she would do. Normally with friends, she's calm and cool. When it comes to Rei, Saeko tends to smirk and find a way to grind her gears, and when it comes to Takashi (or in this case, Ryker) she's not afraid to show both her calm side and her secret side depending on the situation she's in. I don't see her giving up her virginity (that is if she is one) just yet...As of now, she's letting Ryker go through her emotional barriers and is starting to come to the point that she's willing to walk through the gates of hell with him. But it's your story and we're along for the ride! Take your sweet time on this, I'm sure you can deliver!
8/17/2012 c8 Caet
It took me way too long to get around to reading this. Intense, intense chapter. Steamy indeed! I loved the addition of "Pile of Brass". I think it matched perfectly and was a nice touch to his memories. Now that the anime storyline is pretty much done, I look forward to seeing where you take it.
8/16/2012 c4 The Ember Queen
Wow I love you'r fight scene, very well written. 3 pretty much in love with this idea so far. -
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