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9/13/2012 c36 2EpicProblem
Eye opener for Cuddy. It's about time, her behavior toward House during the show was appalling at times.
9/12/2012 c36 Guest
I really enjoyed this chapter. It clearly shows how valuable a neutral party can be in helping someone begin to take ownership of their actions and to see objectively the effects of those actions on themselves and others. It is often very difficult for someone to see their own flaws, and even more difficult for them to admit to them. Only when that happens can there be resolution and understanding. Once again, thank you for a great chapter and don't make us wait too long for more.
9/12/2012 c36 maria-eleni
This was the most emotional chapter yet for me, and the first for which I was checking twice a day for the update. That is because after discovering this story I had to go sleepless to read it at one go.
Thank you for writing down -in such a well done prose & dialogue- all these thoughts that have been bothering me about the behaviour of the characters surrounding House.
9/12/2012 c36 Bakerstreet Blues
Harp...first off let me say that YES, apparently I 'need to have my head examined' since I do see this as completely unbiased and completely factual. I really wish that every reviewer would be courageous enough to sign up and log in. If a person has something to say and believes it enough they should say it and defend it...not hide behind a 'guest' comment, too afraid to let others comment to them. Kind of reminds me of a piece of our history which was also riddled with cowardly hiders...only difference is THEY were hiding underneath 'white sheets'...idiocy is idiocy is idiocy...

I always thought that when House got in the ambulance and looked at Cuddy he said 'goodbye' to her right then...accepting her engagement and letting her go. As for her entering House's apartment uninvited and telling him how much she 'wished she didn't love him', well...let's face it...it is always easy to manipulate someone when they are weak and vulnerable and resting on the edge. If Cuddy and House's roles were reversed and Cuddy was a MAN and did the exact same thing to House as a woman...that would be sexual harassment. It really pissed me off that she took advantage of him at his most vulnerable yet THANKED House for NOT taking advantage of HER when she lost JOY...what a hypocritical bitch.

Like I have always said, I do not hate Cuddy...I just think she was a terrible friend, doctor, supervisor and woman...I think she was a good administrator.

Great job Harp...keep it up.
9/12/2012 c36 34OldSFfan
Naked and moving.
9/12/2012 c36 140Zayz
Again, another excellent chapter. Really loved the hot-seat questions. Cuddy's slow, but sure, breakdown is quite satisfying.

Only tragedy is, now I can't remember why I shipped the two of them together. I can't remember any good things about Cuddy.

I guess, if I were to make a suggestion, I'd say I'd love for you to find a way to redeem Wilson and Cuddy a little bit. Because I don't think they wanted to be terrible people. I think they did care. And I guess I'm just an eternal optimist. Feel free to totally ignore me, I'm an emotional wreck, but if I had one wish here, that would be it.

Again, fantastic. I await the next installment with bated breath. Thanks for this one.
9/12/2012 c35 34Brighid45
Of course House never chose to enlighten anyone of his abusive childhood and youth beyond anything he said to Eve, but even so the actions taken in the episode 'Birthmarks' and in other eps are reprehensible. I'm not saying House didn't pull some nasty stunts of his own; that isn't the point. The people around him did things that wounded a proud and sensitive man and perpetuated the cycle of abuse he'd known since his earliest days. The fact that none of them realized what they were doing is even worse.

Cuddy does run away from relationships-it's shown several times during the later seasons that she dumps people when she's done with them for whatever reason. Also, her work is her raison d'etre-House himself said the hospital was her baby, and he meant it as literally as possible. So it makes sense that she'd feel the car crash as a professional humiliation-and for her that's even more important than a personal one.

Great chapter. Love this, but you know that already. :)
9/12/2012 c34 Brighid45
For me the HIPAA breach is the one that stands out here for me. IMO, aside from the legalities etc, it shows the most callous disregard for House's feelings of almost any of Cuddy's actions. She knew at that point that he was interested in her. Why tell Lucas about Mayfield? I think she was trying to keep House at the same safe distance he'd been at over the last few years, and knew giving ammunition to his competitor (and they were definitely competing) was a good way to do it. Excellent chapter.
9/12/2012 c33 Brighid45
I want to thank you specifically for the questions about Cuddy's behavior with the saline injection. That scene is when I began to dislike her character. Before that I never had feelings one way or the other about her; as you pointed out, she is the Houseian equivalent of LeStrade, the PITA superior who isn't really smart enough to deal with the genius of the main character . . . but that scene just infuriated me no end. House CLEARLY suffers absolutely real moderate to severe chronic pain, and with damn good reason. To tell him he's not really in pain is the same as telling him his thigh wound is imaginary-and this from the woman who caused it in the first place!
This is not easy reading, but it's good. I wish canon Cuddy was capable of this much introspection. Thank you for asking tough questions, the questions many of us have wanted to ask over the years.
9/11/2012 c35 5harpomarx
Dear Zay - I'm overwhelmed by your rave review! I can't thank you enough for taking the time to read the story and for commenting on it so very thoughtfully. I don't think I've ever had such an enthusiastic response to anything I've ever done. Thank you. -harp
9/11/2012 c35 Guest
Anyone calling this work "unbiased" should have their head examined. Nemesis Mary Sue is an excellent character. But why, in a previous chapter, was Cuddy "forced" to answer a question? Isn't that just as unfair as what she was supposed to have put House through?

To quote House in early S4: " , could you please ask Mary Sue where she's keeping my balls?"
9/11/2012 c14 Guest
So, this unseen activity, never mentioned in any way shape or form on the actual show, establishes what a great guy House was when he was away from the toxic influences of PPTH. Amazing how so much material has to be things we neither heard, saw or only heard in passing, which the writer has chosen to weave into whole cloth. Oh, well, everyone has their biases.
9/11/2012 c35 Zayz
Okay. Wow. I have literally not been able to get this story out of my head. I started reading yesterday - which is weird in and of itself because I don't usually go to the main House page (ever) nor do I often read multi-chaps, due to short attention span and the inability of most authors to update. And since then, I've been hooked. I did pretty much no work all morning yesterday reading this, and all day, this is all I could think about.

Truth is, this should be mandatory reading for all House fans. It's brilliant. It brought back all those House feelings that I haven't had in so, so long. (Truthfully I couldn't watch all of S8, it was too painfully awful. Though the ending four eps were pretty good on the emotion front, though not on the logic front. ANYWAY.) It has changed my entire perspective on the show and the characters. Wilson and Cuddy in particular - I used to love them. Cuddy disappointed me with her terrible behavior in S7 but I always loved Wilson. And now, I have to reevaluate how I feel about them, because no, they haven't treated House well at all. And as they sat in the hot seat, feeling ashamed, I was equally stunned, ashamed as well, for never realizing the depth of their neglect. I mean, God. When you ask such reasonable questions, they turn out to be despicable people. As Wilson said, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Your insights are astounding. I am in awe of those. You have really given this some thought and the interrogation-type layout is very very effective. In particular I love Nemesis. She asks the tough questions. I want to take her out to lunch and throw her a party.

Your choices of interviewees - and the order - was also great. Loved hearing from Eve again (aww, she became a social worker for rape victims! Love it!) and Ridiculously Old Fraud (grinned like a moron when I read about the poker games and getting his license) - even Dominika, who was unstomachable during the series. Saving Wilson and Cuddy for later was a very smart decision.

If anything, this story made me realize how badly poor House has been treated through his life. By Cuddy, by Wilson - even by the very people who brought him to the page. None of them understand what a truly remarkable individual we have happened across. The writers focus on what a terrible, troubled person he is - they love saying people never change - and Cuddy and Wilson forget/minimize his pain, his patience, his deep loyalty. House is a gem of a guy - you said somewhere that out of all these doctors, he is actually the most ethical - and I love that you took that approach here. I love that you made us remember about the leg pain (because the show forgets that all the time) and how his physical condition really does have an impact on who he is. I love that you have faith in him. I love that you celebrated him. Sure, he was an ass much of the time, but the people who got past that exterior - they know he's golden. Much more so than people would like us to believe. Did he always make the best choices? No. But nobody is entirely responsible for their own fate. Environment matters. And House's was always toxic. Like you said, if you expect the worst of someone, they will give you exactly that. House always did the best he could. You reminded me quite vividly why, exactly, I have always loved him. He is smart and charming and funny and wounded and sensitive and hurt. He is such a good human being despite all that's happened to him. He did the best he could. And he did better than most.

I was always a Huddy shipper, but I guess I shipped a version in which people could change, and Cuddy could learn to relax, and House could learn to trust, and she would actually be the person who didn't let him down, rather than the one who proved the rule. The canon versions of them - the one in which people don't change - yeah, I now ship House with Cameron. I feel like Cameron was the only one who actually respected him and could have healed him, if he'd let her. I feel like she was his best bet. Thanks to this story, I am literally sitting around all day at work having Hameron head-canons. (I don't know what you ship, if you ship at all, but this is just a random personal note to demonstrate how deep this story has gotten under my skin.)

I feel like you brought together all these strands of plot and character and theme and made them something brilliant. I loved what you added and I loved what you illuminated from what was already there. I feel so sorry for that poor wonderful man. He has been let down so deep, but as you pointed out, he sticks to those who hurt him because he feels he deserves it. I wish I could climb into the House-verse and go to him and shake him and tell him, "Do you realize how loved you are, dear?" Of course, he'd call me a sissy and whack me with his cane, but it's true. The team proved it. They did always care about him. But they, like Wilson and Cuddy, and fans, and the writers, got sucked into the asshole and forgot the wounded heart House works so hard to make people forget.

Just, yeah. I have a lot of feelings. And, you updated the night I read it. I love you so much for that.

The only negative things I really have to say...I mean, I have made it obvious that I love this story to bits and pieces, but I guess I wasn't too big a fan of your writing style. This story could have benefited greatly by being a dialogue-only fic or something. I feel like your between-the-lines narration lacks some subtlety (especially in the Wilson and Chase sections). Chase was far too mushy for my tastes and the constant "wow" bits in Wilson's felt kind of weird and forced. Wilson asked himself too many questions - good questions, but too much too soon - and I don't know, I guess it wasn't all very necessary. I feel like we can feel him squirming and need to be shown more, told less. Focus on body language rather than analysis in the narration sections. The analysis is already in their answers. So give us their mood with fidgets and shifty eyes and knotted stomachs. The Cuddy section is excellent, but I guess I see her defending herself a bit more. Admitting that she cared about him, for a start. Defending the clinic by saying she wanted him to get in touch with his humanity. These are more personal preferences, so feel free to ignore them, but I guess I just think the narration could be better.

However, this is still completely amazing, and I'm so glad that this is the story I took a chance on. I love this more than I can tell you. I await the next chapter(s) with bated breath. I hope this isn't over yet. I hope there's more to say. I just, I love it. Thank you, a million billion times, for taking the time to write this. Please don't give it up. It's one of the best things I've ever read, for any fandom. Your understanding of character and motivation is brilliant.

Thanks again.

9/11/2012 c35 2508joanna
In my mind, "Birthmarks" was a great episode, because of the House/Wilson reconciliation and the insights (even if incomplete) which House gave to Wilson about his father. It's true that Cuddy's actions were illegal and reprehensible, but I believe she did it because she wanted House and Wilson to reconcile (even more than thinking House should go to his father's funeral). Yes, she had several blindspots about him, and should've seen the signs, but that's easy for us to say in hindsight, because, as another reviewer pointed out, we (the audience) knew things about House that he never let anyone in his life know. Wilson tried getting him to open up, several times, and so did Cuddy once in a while, but he never let them know the whole truth. They didn't see him struggling with his pain, alone at home, and they didn't see him in those private doctor/patient moments (as with Andie) when his true nature came out. They only saw what he allowed them to see, which was nearly always the sarcastic, difficult, abrasive persona. Maybe that's still no excuse for how they treated him, but it does make it more understandable.
9/11/2012 c35 1HughIsMagic
Like doing a BBQ of Cuddy! I know I know I need to behave. This chapter makes me to remember the arc eps when Cuddy literally push the bottons of the man without shame, and then show disdain when he treats her with same manners. Ahead with coherence Cuddy. Harp, you did Cuddy too intelligent and observant when he recalls the event of Eve and making a series of links in my opinion not within his reach.
No way she's capable, Wilson too, because they did not reflect about the reasons of House, so they never suspected the reasons behind the hatred of his father. They assumed to know and to be right, period. Of the series: who cares of friendship, respect,
understanding ...
To answer the guest who apparently don't know that also Cuddy and the others acts by choises: how can you not be a little sympathetic to Greg in that very moment while "jump in to bed with Cuddy" ? Did not notice his emotional state? Good Lord, people such as this one, likes Cuddy because they are like her. They didn't cares about others feelings.
I write a little review-chapter ah ah ah...sorry guys.
Thanks Harp. I'm fascinated by your writing talent. Respect. :)
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