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9/6/2012 c32 Guest
Again, love the alternatively speaking and thinking of in this case Cuddy. Yes, the panel is able to ask some probing questions. However, I have the feeling she is still in quite waters, and that those will become more turbulent with each day; besides, she has not really met Ms Nemesis yet, has she now? Looking forward to the next chapter since this start is very promising.
9/6/2012 c2 2EpicProblem
Interesting to examine House and the people around him through the eyes of outsiders. Different perspective... Very gripping so far. Reminds me of "Nobody's Fault" only on a larger scale.
9/5/2012 c32 Bakerstreet Blues
Oh, Harp...I freaking need my 'high blood pressure' medication...seriously, just TELL IT LIKE IT IS why don't ya...hahaha

Contrary to what 'some' might believe, House was the MOST ETHICAL of all those doctors...Having this all spelled out in black and white with no emotions to cloud judgments you really paint a picture of deception, conniving and manipulation that has nothing to do with the way House treated anyone.

House prided himself on his 'truth telling ability'...He NEVER lied to Wilson (and we can't even count the number of times Wilson lied to House), he only lied to Cuddy ONE time (and she had cuffed his hands to the point that there was NO OTHER way to save the life of his patient), he lied to the transplant committee ONE time (again to save the life of his patient)...those are the lies that House told...NEVER to benefit HIMSELF, always to safe the life of his patient...I always laughed when House would tell the truth and people still wouldn't believe him...assumptions and judgmental behavior can be so damaging...

Great job...seriously, I was telling the truth (no pun intended..ha) about my increased blood pressure...you really hit the nail on the head with this testimony...I thought it was incredibly KIND of you to give Cuddy reflective moments instead of just painting her out to be a manipulative, greedy bitch...bravo to you.
9/5/2012 c32 Guest
Excellent chapter! I really liked the way you exposed Cuddy's true self, showing her as self serving, selfish and totally lacking the ability to be empathetic. I think it is time she had a wake up call. The cruel way she treated House was unforgivable.
9/5/2012 c32 34Brighid45
It makes sense to me that Cuddy would be a hostile witness. And yet you've made her more than that; her insecurities and doubts creep in, along with her usual 'I'll think about that tomorrow' attitude that's gotten her through many a tough situation (though in this case, it's something of a detriment). What's really damning here though are the presumptions: House is lazy, he's not in as much pain as he says, he doesn't need special accommodation for his disability . . . very telling, and deeply disturbing. This is an excellent start to this section of the inquiry, and I'm looking forward to more. Undoubtedly you'll get censure from other readers. Don't let it deter you from continuing. There are those of us who have wanted these questions asked for a very long time.
9/5/2012 c32 TetraFish06
Very eye-opening chapter for Cuddy!
9/5/2012 c32 Visitkarte
OMG, I was already very worried about the lack of updates. But boy, this was a highly volatile witness. I loved the questions and the rationalisations Cuddy used to make her feel somewhat comfortable with the way she was treating House. To be honest, his Eames longue chair was pretty ergonomical. But hell, maybe he bought it himself? He asked Foreman: "where's my stuff?" i am so glad you made it clear how underpaid House was. I was furious about him earning minimal wages ("Transplant", 8x02)...
9/5/2012 c32 34OldSFfan
Well, Cuddy is doing all right, so far, but there's a sense of something much bigger lying in wait. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for her.
9/2/2012 c30 serenity70407
wow, was going to review before but decided to wait til the end of Wilson...
He really got it handed to him didn't he? that's the way I thought of it but I love how you ended it when he realized how important House is to him, the whole ordeal seemed really painful and I think you wrote it beautifully.
Deep down I'm hoping you're keeping House alive but where is he? and why exactly are they going through this?
I'm really into your story anyway and will wait patiently for my answers :)
9/2/2012 c31 serenity70407
oh my goodness
this chapter made me really go

I'm guessing Cuddy is next, and its about to get REALLY interesting

...I think that's the first time you brought up when he cut his leg open, or is it? ... I guess the others didn't know, or it wasn't really relevant for them to mention
9/2/2012 c31 Bakerstreet Blues
Oh yea, looking forward to the updates...

Nice job Harp.
9/2/2012 c30 Bakerstreet Blues
Wilson, along with everyone else in House's orbit, used House to 'dump' all their nastiness and condescension into because he was willing to allow that. House accepted all these people, flaws and all. Of all the characters on House MD, House was actually the ONLY one who really KNEW what 'unconditional' love was...he was the only one who defined his friendship and love that way. Everyone on that show blamed House for decisions that THEY made, because they didn't like the decision or outcome...

In retrospect, David Shore set out to create this amazingly 'flawed, unlovable' character, but in truth House was the most lovable of any of them. He was a 'good' man.
9/2/2012 c25 Bakerstreet Blues
I stated once before on this subject that 1. Yes, House was stubborn and didn't get in the car with Amber 2. Amber was stubborn and got on the bus with House...so in a contest of who is more stubborn I guess Amber won and the prize was death...ha. Oh yea, the blinds are opening for Mr. Wilson...hahaha
9/2/2012 c23 Bakerstreet Blues
So,Wilson and Cuddy did what they were CONSTANTLY berating House for...TREATING a patient without confirmation of illness...hm. Crap, Cuddy compared House to Mengele when he treated a patient without confirmation...but then House adjusted HIS treatment when he realized he was treating for the WRONG illness...something that Wilson and Cuddy were apparently not smart enough to do...
9/2/2012 c17 Bakerstreet Blues
The lesson that Martha learned was pretty clear to me...as a doctor you do what is in the best interest of your patient without regard to how it affects YOU. House had YEARS of 'effects' on his soul that were due to the fact that he sacrificed himself in order to save his patient...as a doctor you do what needs to be done for your patient, not for yourself. When House questioned Cuddy during his infarction about her suggestion to him to amputate his leg...he only question was this..."best for me, or best for you?" Very valid question, considering she ended up not doing what was best for her patient in the long run...she shortened his life and left him in pain for the remainder of it...NOT best for HIM.
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