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9/2/2012 c16 Bakerstreet Blues
This patient saw in House that his 'friends' never saw...course none of them ever really looked...I KNEW that House was a child abuse survivor in the episode "KIDS"...the way he tried so desperately to help that girl regain her childhood innocence ... spoke volumes to me about his 'lost' innocence...
9/2/2012 c14 Bakerstreet Blues
Way to go Dobson...What a great chapter...Yep, he was another character on House MD that I really missed...would have loved to see more of him. Your portrayal of ROF was really tender and I can SO see House doing everything that you described him doing...great
9/2/2012 c12 Bakerstreet Blues
Love how you're 'growing' these characters...too bad David Shore didn't think that was important..In all honesty (in DS's world) Chase seems to be the only one who actually learned from House and grew up some.
9/2/2012 c10 Bakerstreet Blues
As Cate Milton said...people live UP or DOWN to expectations of them by others...LYDIA told House that "he had a good heart"...that is what he lived UP to,,,,perfect pairing here Harp.
9/1/2012 c9 Bakerstreet Blues
I loved Cate Milton...I loved how she picked up on the fact that underneath the brusque outer layer, House was a good man AND the bigger point what that she saw through Wilson's persona of being "the nice guy"...bravo...
9/1/2012 c8 Bakerstreet Blues
Harp, loved how you addressed Cuddy's nasty morphine placebo scheme...that was brilliant (your portrayal of her doing that, not her being such a bitch to him). I often thought throughout the series that House had an 'outside' doctor who knew him and his pain on a 'personal and professional' level...he was honest when he told Cuddy about the Methadone and how his 'doctor' knew he was in pain...

So many people question House's "ethics", yet no one ever questions Cuddy's original unethical "assault" on House during his infarction and coma...lets not even get into the whole fact that Wilson broke every medical ethic by telling Cameron about House's 'brain cancer'...duh...should have lost his medical license for THAT (but then Wilson should have lost his license for running PCR cancer marker tests on Cuddy's SPOON without her consent, or sleeping with his cancer patient) yikes, what a smuck Wilson is.

I love this story...
9/1/2012 c7 Bakerstreet Blues
Harp, you are describing events and reactions in a completely objective way, which is incredibly HONEST. Considering the fact that you are telling this tale in a Q&A format it is amazingly forthright...I LOVE IT.

MOST people (and we both know that House is NOT most people) would have been appalled at the events you are describing, YET oddly there are still so many "fans" out there who apparently watched a completely different show than YOU and I watched for 8 years...hahaha

I can tell you that this story is amazing and thank you for writing it...
9/1/2012 c6 Bakerstreet Blues
"Screaming at him like a SHREW"...hahahahah that is hilarious...
9/1/2012 c4 Bakerstreet Blues
Harpo, PERFECT...the only thing that I would have added is Yes, House NEVER stopped looking for the answer in trying to save Foreman's life...yet, when House was locked in isolation with what the CDC thought was small pox, Foreman QUIT and was willing to just let House die...yeah, really great leader there Foreman...what a smuck.
9/1/2012 c3 Bakerstreet Blues
Harpo...this is an amazing rendition of who House REALLY is and I love how you have put perspective to him. You are answering questions that House's "friends" and "co-workers" should have seen and understood...considering the fact that these people spent so much time with him and 'learned' from him. The fact that this information went COMPLETELY unacknowledged and unaccepted for YEARS by his closest friends is shameful on 's part. It comes off as a hospital FULL OF IDIOTS...haha. I can't say enough what a terrific story this is...talk about EDUCATING the masses...I truly hope that some other 'writers' out in fanfic land are reading this and can FINALLY formulate a more accurate characterization of this truly amazing character...personally sick of reading stories that are completely filled with IGNORANCE and SELF RIGHTEOUS BELIEFS that House is 'selfish, judgmental, racist, narcissistic, egomaniacal, cruel, unethical, reckless, cold and unfeeling'...there are the traits of FOREMAN...not HOUSE. Bravo...love this.
9/1/2012 c31 34Brighid45
Rachel's testimony is heartbreaking as well as illuminating. House is good with children because he doesn't condescend to them-he treats them like people. Rachel's affection for House is obvious and genuine, an excellent contrast to her fear over Mommy abandoning her for being sick (not such an ungrounded fear after all, considering Cuddy's behavior). Excellent chapter.
9/1/2012 c31 1HughIsMagic
Sweet sweet Rachel! How can a little girl would forget a creature of fun like House was!? Especially if her mother is the epitome of control!
I try to really think at the timeline: the inquiry take place less that 2 years from when House drove his car in Cuddy's home? He did 8 month in jail, a year on parole at work,...so at this time...how can be already regressed Wilson's cancer ?! I'm taking it too rigidly?
Be patient and help me cut out the fog from my brain :( I think "is the curiosity that kill the cat" ( cat my brain)
Short chapter for short witness.
9/1/2012 c31 27RCraig
Awww baby! X
9/1/2012 c31 Visitkarte
Great piece of kid's psychology. I am glad Rachel was kind of reassured. In Switzerland, only children psychologists are allowed to question kids.
9/1/2012 c31 De-em2
Well, Rachel is certainly still fond of House. I like her reasoning About getting sick and Mommy going away. A logical thought for a child and Cuddy better be aware of how her actions can influence her child's thoughts.
I like it that Rachel is included: Out of the mouth of babes... etc. Unknowingly she has painted a picture of House that Cuddy will not easily distort with her testemony. I get the feeling that she may well be in for a rough ride.
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