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9/1/2012 c31 34OldSFfan
You've drawn a very, very believable little girl. I love how House is shown repeatedly connecting with children, often seemingly against his conscious volition. You have captured that, too. I continue to be astounded at the power and veracity of this story, and how very much in character the characters are.
8/31/2012 c30 Tetrafish06
Another great chapter...excited to see what's next!
8/30/2012 c30 LadyKEEM
I cannot string a coherent sentence let alone a thought together after reading all thirty chapters in one sitting. WOW! Powerful stuff and you've brought up very good points not just about House ,but his relationship with Wilson and Cuddy.
Definitely brings in a new perspective and I can't wait for Cuddy's "testimony/inquiry."
I love your story, your world, the characters, your reasoning and logic behind it, can't wait for more.
This au that youe created has been cathartic and I thank you for that.
8/30/2012 c30 Visitkarte
OMG, don't tell me House really killed himself in the burning building and Wilson got better on his own? :O OK, OK, I was freaking out, I'll calm down, eventually... And probably after this chapter Cuddy fans might jump at your throat... I loved it, scare or no scare...
8/30/2012 c30 7Anonymous.Publishers
I knocked out all the chapters, including your most recent update, just today alone. It takes a lot for me to be invested in a story, and this particular one has more than just caught my eye. You've created a realistic reality here where the characters in the show begin to question what they knew before, and self-reflect on their roles in House's life. Although in all honesty I am not on board with a few of the scenarios you've developed, I deeply appreciate and value your work here and your vantage point of House's character. You've scratched open the surface, and delved into an unexplored world that I would love to continue to see. Keep up the work, it's truly fantastic. For this bold approach and its entirety, I salute you.
8/30/2012 c30 4siddigfan
AUghhhhh! Please oh please oh please don't kill House off! i love this story and I don't want it to make me sad! I want to be happy when it ends!
8/30/2012 c30 2508joanna
More than the others, this chapter felt as though Wilson is thinking of House as being dead and gone, and I hope that's not where you're going with this story. What's the point of all these people being questioned, and of Wilson coming to some hard realizations about the mistakes he made, unless there will be a way for Wilson (and the others) to make it up to House somehow? I'm looking forward to the Cuddy testimony, of course, and also remain hopeful that the ultimate point of the inquiry is that the panel knows House faked his own death, and is attempting to determine if he should be punished for it. Of course, I can understand if none of the other people being questioned is aware that House faked his own death (even though the final episode implied that Foreman, at least, was left a clue), but Wilson does of course know the truth, so it seemed strange that his answers always refer to House in the past tense. Please keep him alive. Your whole story only emphasizes the fact that he deserves to be alive, and to be given another chance.
8/30/2012 c30 1HughIsMagic
Fantastically written!
Wilson you get it! Go on from here. Greg's was difficult but good to you.
I liked especially how Wilson talk about the stupidest idea of Cuddy of a relationship, not only with House, in general.
Woman you got it all wrong. Next testimony...Cuddy!
House is alive ?...mmm ...hurry up Harp !I need to know! [I'm joking!]

ps I think you are in canon, even better that the canon storyline actually, because you're filling the gaps of the canon. Maybe not pleasant for somebody.
8/30/2012 c30 34Brighid45
Wilson's honesty and pain in this chapter are heartbreaking, but his willingness to look at the history between House and him and see his own mistakes is excellent. Wish we could have seen this in the canon storyline, instead of DS's decree that no one changes. This is a powerful chapter, and really brings home how deeply House cares about those closest to him, without them realizing it. and how much Wilson cares for House as well.
8/30/2012 c29 Anonymous
"So, in essence, in a peculiar sort of way, it sounds as if he was trying to save your reputation and your career, and still get your message out to those attending the conference."

"Yes, although initially, I didn't see it that way. I was quite angry with him."

Yes, but later Wilson was deeply grateful and told House, "You're a good friend. Cuddy should know that."

If you're going to call it canon, don't be Paul Ryan about it.
8/30/2012 c30 De-em2
That whole House-Cuddy relationship was a sad sad mess indeed that in the end hurt House deeply. Their relationship progressed as he was afraid it would happen, when they both reflected for a moment on either side of his appartment's door on the first day; he was so afraid it would not last, and as usual he was right.
I love the way Wilson talks about their relationship so honestly and founded on his newly found reality. In a way he leaves Cuddy's side and stands firmly next to House. I also like it a lot that Wilson sees that now that he has left his preconceptions behind, preconceptions that irritated the panel, he receives sympathy and understanding from the person in the panel he found it hardest to deal with, Mrs Nemesis.
8/30/2012 c30 34OldSFfan
Good for Wilson. He finally gets it. And if he has survived his cancer, what has happened to House? I look forward to seeing who is next. Have we finally gotten to Cuddy?
8/30/2012 c30 resourceress7
Ooh, tiny clues about what this whole inquiry might be about, without actually giving anything away. Can't wait to find out whether House really is alive, and whether the inquisitors know it. Is this about granting his parole/release, or investigating the circumstances/antecedents of his actual death? "Inquiring" minds want to know :). Excited to see where this leads. Keep up the great work.
8/29/2012 c1 7Anonymous.Publishers
This is quite the story you've got here, and your writing is excellent. You've nailed the dialogue very well, and the descriptive aspect of the story is well sewn in. I'm actually surprised there aren't more reviews to this. You've developed the perfect first chapter to draw in readers, and I absolutely love the mini-story as a preface. Keep up the good work.
8/29/2012 c29 1HughIsMagic
Maybe Wilson? Maybe eh?! It's a start but I think House was right "people don't change", they try to adjust their lifes, time by time, and Wilson could do this from now on. Wilson is in his "broken" point now.
And this what Wilson failed to see on House when he returned from Mayfield. Nobody is saying would be easy to be House's friend, but again, nobody has put a gun at his head, he chose to be it. From far far away in time.
And we go on with the enquiry...I'm curios for the next chapter, we're going near the time when House faked his death...What will they say? What happened next?
Great great work!
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