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8/29/2012 c29 Guest
Wilson lying sleepless, struggling to come to terms with the growing knowledge that his perceptions and views have been far more biased and subjective than he ever could have believed they would be . . . That warmed my heart, because it reveals Wilson as someone who truly does care about his friend and wants to do what's right for him, no matter what the cost. He's becoming aware of his shortcomings, and I think he'll do his best to correct them in the future. Lovely chapter.
8/29/2012 c29 De-em2
Well, well, Wilson. He has grown more as a person over the last few days than in the last few years. I always liked the House/Wilson interaction, and there were times that their friendship was so obvious. I am glad that he can now look back on this friendship and realise it was give and take. He found the truth, which according to House is all that matters. Wilson will be a better man for this experience.
8/29/2012 c29 34OldSFfan
This is an especially tragic chapter, because Wilson loves House, and is only just realizing how badly he failed to be the kind of friend he wanted to be. Your story continues to be fascinating.
8/29/2012 c29 Visitkarte
Owwww, I loce this! Wilson is so lovable and cute here... I could kiss him to no end!
8/29/2012 c28 1HughIsMagic
Again, you did good in this chapter to show Wilson reconsider his behaviors toward House.
I was thinking about how the panel knows of certain facts. I lost a few pieces along the way? It's just a curiosity, not a criticism.
Sure is, the testimony of Wilson will be a long long way to go, cause he was the one who lived more near House... I wonder "if Wilson has survived cancer , why House not? "( supposing that House's dead ) I'm dying to know! ;) Thanks for updating so often.
8/28/2012 c28 Guest
Honestly, the characters deserve a more thoughtful treatment than this. House, as a put-upon saint, is no more interesting that Wilson as a selfish villain. People are complicated. The show, for all its faults, got that right. Please consider easing up on the Wilson-bashing, if nothing else, for the integrity of your story.
8/28/2012 c28 Visitkarte
Sigh... At least Wilson felt guilty for throwing House out of his flat and tried to offer help by looking for a new condo for House... Knowing House would probably refuse but... Baby steps... Boy, I was mad when he did it!
8/28/2012 c28 34Brighid45
These are all incidents that made the bright start of S6 fade, episode by episode, into something nearly as dire as the end of S5, for me anyway. House tried hard to bring change into his life, and every effort was either ignored or actively trampled upon, and Wilson was center stage for much of it. I'm glad at least in these chapters that he's able to see things in a different light and feel remorse for what amounts to his abandonment of House when Greg was truly vulnerable and needed support. Excellent chapter.
8/28/2012 c28 De-em2
It seems as if Wilson is becoming increasingly aware that he should have thought things through more before acting. Through this testemony he is seriously getting to know himself better and one can only hope that he will come out of this process a more thoughtful person.
8/28/2012 c28 34OldSFfan
We go on, with Wilson looking more and more like the 'ass' that he uses to describe House. This is a fascinating story.
8/28/2012 c27 3Jas565
really like your story and all the different points of view from the characters
8/28/2012 c27 1HughIsMagic
A few comments ago, someone posted a snippet of an interview on the issue "behavior", the question was "How do you think House justifies his behavior.." and the response of DS was "Frankly, how do the people around House justify their behavior?". This got me thinking ... House has prepared a facade asshole and insensitive because he does not trust the people and their behavior, people who live around him have the same problem reversed: if someone acts like a jerk much safer and easy to believe that it is what it is, plain and simple. If we consider the various components of the team, they are not familiar with House, have not seen the House version of previous infarction and mutilation, and have the opportunity to make considerations about changes in behavior to validate doubts about. But Wilson and Cuddy!? What excuse can they really have!
Wilson is forced to retrace his behavior and see them stacked one behind the other, and his brain is forced to work on it. But without this pressure? He would never stopped to consider that it was not exempt from insensitivity, arrogance and expiring in more serious deficiencies in a medical point of view? I'll bet on "NO" for an answer.
Interesting chapter, and a little sadic pleasure watching Wilson grilling. :)
8/28/2012 c27 34Brighid45
"He didn't *do* hurt? What does that mean? Surely, you aren't saying that you think Dr. House had no feelings? If that's what you sincerely believe, it sounds like the corollary in your mind is that, since he had no feelings, it was all right to say or do anything to him, because it wouldn't matter. Is that what you believed?"

I think this is the crux of the matter. House is very, very good at making people think he doesn't care or feel anything. It's his armor, and it hides the fact that he actually cares quite deeply-too much so, IMO. And so the people around him have never looked any deeper than that armor-helped along by the fact that House often acts like a jerk to make the armor more effective. The fact that House's supposed best friend is one of the worst offenders in this regard tells you all you need to know about well that armor works.

Have to admit it's both sad and enjoyable, watching Wilson squirm. :)
8/28/2012 c26 Brighid45
Another excellent chapter. The episode where Cuddy pranked House has always infuriated me, as did Wilson's obliviousness and unwillingness to help. To be honest, I lay some of that at the door of the writers, who were sliding into stunt writing mode at that point and by doing so, writing OOC plotlines for the main characters . . . but it still stands (IMO anyway) as one of the worst eps ever, and an excellent example of the complete indifference to House's pain that everyone around him maintained. I love seeing Wilson called on this. Well done.
8/28/2012 c25 Brighid45
Wilson being forced to see his actions in their true light . . . I've been waiting for this for a long, long time.

I agree with you-House is not blameless, and certainly he's instigated plenty of trouble on his own, no question. But some of the actions Wilson and Cuddy have committed supposedly to help House have been absolutely outrageous, to say the very least. I don't think that makes either one of them bad; it makes them obtuse, which is a far worse thing to be IMO anyway, especially so since they're doctors.

Excellent chapter.
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