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8/28/2012 c24 34Brighid45
An interesting chapter, revealing Wilson's fairly extensive capacity for rationalization, compartmentalization, and viewing any given situation with House through a restrictive set of filters that see him as addict/irresponsible/a jerk etc. I don't think Wilson is a bad person for this; we all do it in our own lives to some extent, and if most of us were put through a similar interrogation we'd be squirming in our chairs too. At least Wilson is able to see his mistakes and assumptions and feel remorse.

Catching up on my reviews-off to chapter 25. This story is a much-needed catharsis, at least for me as a fan. Every time I read a chapter I feel like saying 'FINALLY, someone gets it.' Thanks for this, harp. :)
8/27/2012 c27 Visitkarte
I almost feel sorry for Wilson. Is feels like his well deserved judgment day. :-D
8/27/2012 c27 Tetrafish06
I love that you keep referring to her as his "Nemesis" I have such a lovely mental picture :-)
8/27/2012 c27 2508joanna
I definitely agree that both Wilson and Cuddy were quite insensitive to House when he returned from Mayfield. They both seemed to forget entirely the reason he'd been institutionalized and never really tried to find out what he'd gone through there. But I also think Wilson wasn't quite as clueless as you're making him seem - especially years later when this inquiry is taking place. And, among the thoughtless things Wilson did during the post-Mayfield era (such as asking House to leave when the neighbor threatened legal action), he also did some wonderful things for House during that period, such as getting the new condo and buying the organ. I also remember, when Wilson was trying to figure out the true identity of the author of the book House was reading (the one by the man House thought was his biological father), Wilson did acknowledge that he knew House's pain levels were higher than usual since he wasn't taking Vicodin. Wilson made a lot of mistakes, yes, and I think he's realizes that - but I still think his basic motivation was always to protect and help House.
8/27/2012 c27 De-em2
Assumptions can lead to a great deal of trouble. By the looks of it Wilsen has assumed more than he realised through the years. Glad though that he can see that his friendship with House has changed since the time of the infarction. Then he was a good friend who helped House through the initial difficult stage. The past few year have been very different and his obsessing about what he thinks is House's Vicodin addiction seems to have made his reactions a great deal more superficial; he has stopped thinking things through, which is something one should be prepared to do when accepting House as a friend.
8/27/2012 c27 34OldSFfan
Wilson is certainly coming off as an insensitive clod, if not a physician who has committed malpractice. Remarkable story.
8/26/2012 c26 1HughIsMagic
Again, apparently I can't left a review for every chapter, mah!
Oh You really did good!
" Wilson: 2 days of questions and yet...you go on with your old fashion style." Is hard to teach an old dog new tricks!
Nemesis is my hero!
Harp, I think you've stimulated in me the need to remember all the episodes of abuse or neglect or offense against Greg.
I can't wait for Cuddy's interrogation. ;)
8/26/2012 c26 4Percy's Gadzooks
I really do look forward to your update every day. Those pranks that Cuddy pulled were pretty cruel, again showing that people treat House as if he doesn't have feelings, when we all obviously know that he does. Cuddy and Wilson should truly be ashamed of themselves for their actions throughout the series.

I've seen other reviewers become angry for the way that you are portraying them both, but I really don't think that you are stepping out of the truth at all. There are many different ways to interpret all of their behavior, and I think your story is actually doing a great job at revealing their underlying ignorance that was prevalent throughout the entire series.

I can't wait to see what you do with Cuddy's session. I don't think Wilson's "nemesis" is going to go to easy on her...

8/26/2012 c26 De-em2
Wilson must feel like a someone in the programme 'This is your Life', but then not focussing on the high-lights but on the 'low-lights'. I like 'Mrs Nemesis', she certainly calls a spade a spade, very direct in her questoning and also the person that makes Wilson look deepest within himself. You are very complete in the number of events that have happened. Looking forward to Wilsons next session.
8/26/2012 c26 34OldSFfan
Very damning testimony, by Wilson against himself and especially against Dr. Cuddy. This continues to be fascinating.
8/25/2012 c25 4siddigfan
Ooh! Wilson's getting a good and welldeserved grilling! Please oh please don't kill House!
8/25/2012 c25 Visitkarte
Journalist to HL and DS: "How do you think House justifies his behavior..." DS: "Frankly, how do the people around House justify their behavior?"
8/25/2012 c25 2508joanna
These latest Wilson chapters are devastating, and I do agree that he was often mistaken about House's intentions, but I also think Wilson realized, long before the time of this inquiry, that he'd made some rather large mistakes in dealing with House. One inconsistency, though (both internally within your story and, I think, in the way the show was written), is that if House did indeed have a long-term relationship with a separate pain management doctor (such as your Dr. Chakravarti character), why couldn't he have gone back to that doctor for his meds during all the times when Cuddy and/or Wilson were forcing him to detox? Yes, maybe even Dr. Chakravarti knew what was happening with Tritter, and wouldn't have wanted to get in trouble with the law, but logically House did most likely have other choices. And I agree that the show itself implied that someone like Dr. Chakravarti existed in House's life, because when he went on the methadone he told Cuddy that it was legally prescribed by a doctor "who knows I'm in pain." I think the show skimmed over this issue for dramatic purposes - because they needed the drama of forcing House to detox - and maybe it's the same for your story, but I do see it as a hole in the plot. Looking forward to Wilson's next inquiry session - keep up the great writing!
8/25/2012 c25 34OldSFfan
You skewered Wilson. Watching the series in groups of episodes (reruns) or on the DVD, House's steady march toward self-destruction is increasingly tragic and increasingly troubling as his supposed friends miss every cue. Your story is very insightful, clarifying what the reader and viewer misses due to the force of House's personality.
8/25/2012 c25 De-em2
Wilson has probably never done so much introspection in his life. I very much like this puzzle-like story.
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