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8/25/2012 c25 4Percy's Gadzooks
You have nooo idea how many times I've had conversations with my family who think that House is a sociopath without any regard for those around him. I wish I could get them to read your fic so they could see how completely wrong they are.

It's perfect the way that you are sculpting all of the characters to out some of the blame on them instead of always blaming House, and also being able to see what is going on behind the scenes toake House exactly who he was (and is).

Thank you for this wonderful piece of art you have put together so far. I can't wait to see exactly where it is going.

8/25/2012 c25 tetrafish06
Wow...these Wilson chapters are really thought-provoking!
8/24/2012 c24 11clp66
Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed your trip.

And so to celebrate your return, you provide us with another session of making Wilson squirm and it seems at least one more squirming chapter to enjoy. If you're this hard on Wilson, it's going to be very interesting to read about Cuddy's interrogation. For at this point, this is what this story seems to be, an interrogation rather than an inquiry. All while reading my mind keeps yelling out, "Where's House? Is he alive or dead? Is he in prison? Is he in the next room?
Looking forward to finding out. :-)
8/24/2012 c24 TetraFish06
Definitely a stirring chapter! I've never seen the details of Wilson's actions drawn out so factually. Good work!
8/24/2012 c24 88SrslyNo
I love how fanfiction can fill in blanks that canon often fails to do, and I applaud you for taking on such an epic task. However, I'd like to see you work with all the given facts from the series when you write chapters like this one. With the impressive scope of your story and your imagination I'm confident you are up to the challenge.

For instance, you failed to mention House was about to cost the little girl not only an arm but a leg. IMO (and apparently TPTBs viewpoint too by the way they embroiled Chase and Wilson into the drama) this was an example of how much House was out of control. But okay, you wanted to take a different tack. I can appreciate that, but the story would be so much stronger if you presented all the facts.

Also, along with losing his ability to prescribe drugs, and his assets frozen, Wilson's car was confiscated. Tritter was deliberately focused on Wilson and out to break him.

And not only did House punch Chase, but you (as Wilson) left out how House hurt Cuddy by saying she would fail as a mother when he knew how desperate she was to get pregnant. This was aimed to hurt, and another reason Wilson behaved the way he did. I understand you're building a case for House by punching holes in Wilson's and Cuddy's characters (a good defense attorney's strategy, btw), but a little equity would make the story more convincing.

As to Wilson not reporting House's Christmas Eve overdose and not calling 9-1-1, a more logical answer would have been that Wilson was protecting House. He would have had to tell the medical staff what House had taken. From there, a little investigating by Tritter would have yielded the information that House had stolen oxycontin. House would surely have had his medical license revoked. So it seems Wilson risked his career on Christmas Eve to save House. Not out of character either, since earlier he had told Tritter he would risk perjury and not testify against House.

Maybe I'm not understanding, but I think making a case that House had solely a pain issue and not an addiction, is an uphill battle. It's not that Vicodin first medicates for pain, and taking extra will cause an addiction. It is a narcotic. You can't separate the two, not when he was taking it for five years. If the Tritter arc is in question, why did House later check himself into Mayfield?

Anyway, sorry for the long comment. Bottom line, I think if you presented all the facts, it would enable the reader to suspend disbelief. For me, when the double amputation wasn't mentioned, I went into beta mode.
8/24/2012 c24 1HughIsMagic
I'm back too. I have recovered three chapters in one go ...
hmm I do not know if dr. Nolan had really understood much of House, but for sure in the final moment when the news of the cancer hit him, it is certain House has tried Nolan. Without finding a real help to me.
For the rest I admit I enjoyed seeing Wilson fry in the chair for hours ... and he will expect others! Good because he really needs to wake up from the illusion of being infallible about House: Jimmy resigned! you've never had the full picture, you have not even approached!
Thanks again.
8/24/2012 c24 16anon004
Welcome back, Harp! And thank you for this chapter. One of the things that always infuriated me about the whole Tritter incident was Wilson's behavior. Especially his leaving House like that! I know he wasn't exactly thrilled with the prescription theft, but to leave someone who had obviously overdosed in a pool of vomit was incredibly irresponsible, expecially for a doctor! And the way people reacted to Tritter was crazy, too. Tritter was obviously on a vendetta, and instead of going to his superiors about him, they all turned on House, who was the victim! And no rehabo r pain managment, and no monitoring when they forced him into detox. Other than if House is your doctor, you really don't want to end up at PPTH, do you?
8/24/2012 c24 Visitkarte
More like, because House never reported the incident. Wilson can be so clueless... Thank you! I like the guy, but often I'd like to slapp him silly.
8/24/2012 c24 34OldSFfan
Glad you're back. Curiouser and curiouser. Who is Wilson and who is James? Wilson looks like the "ass" he always called House.
8/24/2012 c24 De-em
Good to see you back. Hope you had a good week away. Not an easy time for Wilson. I like the way you make him consider his actions during the interview. Can understand that Wilson is not enjoying this, but also think it was time he realised things in a somewhat broader perspective then he did at the time of his actions.
8/16/2012 c14 4bmax
Love what you did here with Ridiculously Old Fraud. Very nice!
8/16/2012 c23 zbycxdveuftgshriqjpkolnm
wow...you really don't like Wilson, do you? Well that's okay, because he's not my favourite either (although Cuddy is my least favourite of all time!).
Great story by the way, can't wait to find out what this is all about!
Keep up that amazing work!
8/15/2012 c23 11clp66
Well I thought I had started to figure out where you were going, but this latest chapter threw me back off again. I'm still intrigued and will anxiously await your return to see what happens next.
8/15/2012 c23 TetraFish06
I'm very interested to hear more from Wilson.

Good luck with whatever you are doing out of town :-)
8/15/2012 c23 4siddigfan
Wow! Sounds like Wilson is in deep you know what! This is so good! I so love House finally being defended and justified!
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