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10/29/2016 c24 Bakerstreet Blues
Hey Harpo

I am re-reading this because I really needed to read something that got my dander up...hahaa This definitely does that.

I have probably said this before, but Wilson constantly ratted House out for EVERY perceived infraction that House ever did...Wilson, being the self righteous prick that he is, couldn't wait to tattle...made him feel superior, let people see what a 'good man' HE was compared to House...but House held Wilson's medical license in his hands on a couple of occasions and NEVER tossed Wilson under the 'spotlight'. I sure wish I had a friend THAT loyal.

6/21/2016 c39 TheQueenOfAllThings
This is a masterpiece. Thank you for writing it and sharing it.
6/20/2016 c39 102Pyewacket75
Awesome story! I loved seeing Cuddy held accountable for her actions and getting her comeuppance.
6/20/2016 c36 Pyewacket75
I love these chapters with Cuddy in the hot seat! It's gonna be a hot time in the ole town tonight! Muahahaha
6/20/2016 c28 Pyewacket75
Good! And so he should. This chapter was a total eye-opener for the readers, and for Wilson especially. You've done this sooo well! Kudos to you!
6/20/2016 c24 Pyewacket75
This chapter was awesome! I loved seeing Wilson get raked over the coals for his poor care of House and the way he treated him.
6/19/2016 c1 Pyewacket75
I read this story when you posted it for the first time over on LJ and I was thrilled to see that it's now here so I can add it to my favorites and come back to it whenever I want :D
4/3/2016 c39 Jordyn
I'm not sure I fully enjoyed the ending, but I liked this entire thing. Brilliant! Besides the facts that have been brought up by this inquiry, I have always liked Cuddy. The only thing that really pissed me off was the fact that she said she didn't want him to change. When she broke up with him, and for such a stupid reason, I nearly punched my screen. Nevertheless, you certainly have the mind of someone who puts things in perspective, and only God knows how this show needed some of that!
3/5/2016 c36 hedwigsart
Rereading, feeling like I have to say something about this chapter. As with all, I thoroughly agree.
When I first watched Help me, I loved it. It was a very emotional episode, and the cinematography was just beautiful. I wanted House & Cuddy to end up together, but in my initial happiness about the fact that they did, I didn't reflect on HOW FUCKED UP the circumstances were that made them start their doomed relationship.
Thinking about what actually happened, I can see all the points you brought up here perfectly.
Readers may feel you're demonizing Cuddy (or Wilson. Or other characters) but to me, this rings totally true. (More on that in the PM)
1/13/2016 c39 10nahte123456
I love the story, it's not at all what I thought it was(when I read the summary I thought it would be all of the various fellows and some other doctors just talking to each other about particularly good cases)but it was better than all of my expectations were, by a huge amount.

The things I especially love is that every one is in character(more or less) and that is was well thought out, the tumor thing especially is nothing I never thought of(than again my medical knowledge is nil so that's to be expected). The characters were the focus, and they were done well, the inclusion of people like Rachel, Milton, or Lydia for example were well done and I greatly enjoyed them.

I feel it was a little unfair to Wilson and Cuddy, simply because while they were massively in the wrong, working with house takes it toll, but that went away as time went on. If there was one character I didn't like the portrayal of it was Foreman, I don't like the guy, but throw the guy a bone now and than, he's done some good and he seemed to be a genuine friend to Chase at the end of the series.

All in all I loved the story, it was well thought out and the characters were great.
(Also this made me realize that House' father was a marine, and so was Gibbs, maybe they met way back than, didn't see each other for 30/40 years, that would either be horrible or great)
10/18/2015 c39 hedwigsart
Yes. Yes, yes, yes, YES! This was SO RIGHT on so many levels. My eyes are wet and I'm trying not to sob as I'm writing this. This gives me the closure I didn't know I needed so much. This was a very interesting piece of art, from start to finish - I have to congratulate you on not only getting the character voices of more than 15 canon characters completely, perfectly right, bringing believable OCs in to flesh out the story and giving 'discarded' characters (like Dobson) new and great storylines and still keeping so amazingly close to canon, all the while obviously having researched the legal and medical matters in such a superb manner that you could believably write such a story. You gave us insight on the horrible things we (as viewers of the show) have let the characters get away with - I know that no one is a saint on House M.D., but one does seem to forget that House himself is not the only manipulator at times. Your explanation of brain damage fits perfectly. As I have said in an earlier review, I'd rather read fanfics than rewatch episodes, because of precisely the stuff that got brought up in this fic - mostly because in this fandom, most of the writers would rather stick to slightly more favourable characters than actually depicted in canon... Or are plainly in denial about how certain episodes or even whole seasons happened. Then again, that makes this fanfic so much more brilliant - you don't compromise canon in the slightest and still manage to add something great into it. This is one of the greatest works of fanfiction I've read and I'll definitely read more of your work. I draw my proverbial hat before you. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing piece of writing.
10/18/2015 c33 hedwigsart
''Really, Dr. Cuddy, what were you thinking?" Sums up these chapters.

"Do you also realize that giving him a placebo would not mean his pain was psychological… just that he'd felt some relief because of the placebo effect, which can be temporarily effective on physical pain?"

(Thank you for calling them out on this - I felt like this was really one of the biggest blunders they made medically)

"Even though you had been underpaying him for years and personally benefitting from his international reputation?"
(And having us think that House is the only manipulative Bastard on the show)

Great chapter, thanks.
10/18/2015 c30 hedwigsart
I guess the truth of the matter is that, when it really counted, he was a far better friend to me than I was to him.

And I just wish that Wilson came to that realisation sooner, preferably in, like, the first season. Seriously, thanks for writing this. It was really painful to read.
10/18/2015 c28 hedwigsart
'I'm at a loss, Dr. Wilson…'

Exactly sums up my feelings right now. Thank you for 'calling him out on that'. (Though at this point, I'm not sure how conscious the Writers were of having Wilson do that much Damage to his alleged best friend. And how this was always glossed over. Probably that's why I'd rather read fanfic than re watch episodes - As much as I accept that the writers make the canon, I just can't get over all this shit they had Wilson and Cuddy pull.)
10/18/2015 c21 hedwigsart
If the two of them had put his pain issues ahead of their own concerns about his drug use, the end result might have been very different.

If he'd had the kind of support that he deserved… that any human being deserves… perhaps the end result might not have been so unfortunate."

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