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8/9/2012 c15 Visitkarte
I enjoy every witness but my curiosity is starting to kill me. Thanks God I am not a cat.
8/9/2012 c15 De-em
Interesting character. Liked the bit of House and she doing paperwork; not quite the way Cameron experienced paperwork. Getting more and more curious what Cuddy's testemony will be, since looking at the previous testemonies it appears that her behaviour towards House may need a bit of explaining.
8/9/2012 c15 5harpomarx
You are certainly entitled to your opinion. If the story bothers you that much, then perhaps this isn't the story for you.
8/9/2012 c15 34OldSFfan
Wonderful chapter. The character of Dr. House is filling out so beautifully. Excellent writing.
8/9/2012 c15 yahnis14
I did not want to belittle the talent of the author. Written in a wonderful style. An interesting approach is non-ordinary. But you pretend to be objective. And you say that you strictly follow what is seen in the show. But you really disingenuous. For example, about the scene in "Help me" you write that she abused him and it took place in front of dozens of doctors and nurses, but we didn't see so many people near them at this moment, when we watshed this episode. Next, you write that House brought a very large profit to hospital. But nowhere in show is not exactly as stated, and you have never mention how much cost the hospital lawsuits against him. Not for nothing was mentioned in the show, that Cuddy had special fund for this.
You write that according to Chase and Taub, Cuddy never behaved with other heads of departments same way that she behaved with House. But it is just your hypothesis. They don't show us her interaction with others at all, so we don't know and it's your assumption.
And about what everyone else has a special assistant to carry out paper work, this is purely an invention of yours. That is, nowhere and no way was mentioned in the show.
But it was comfortable for you to write it - to make Cuddy look worse.

You also allude to the fact that Cuddy is especially so dressed to seduce House. But this is absolutely your assumption again. Perhaps, it's just been her favorite style of clothing.
House represented an innocent lamb. Do not mention the fact that he has repeatedly intervened in Cuddy's personal life. He came to her late at night. He called her at night. He interrupted her he spoke with her very rude.
Even in the analysis of the situation with self surgery, your committee does not ask the question of how Cuddy saved him.
I'm not saying that Cuddy was innocent, but she is not such a bitch, that you are trying to show.
8/9/2012 c14 5harpomarx
Actually, I'm NOT saying House is merely a victim. I'm saying there might be extenuating circumstances, that things are not as simple or as clear-cut as they appear. And if you read my other stories, you'll see that I don't hate Cuddy at all. That doesn't mean I think she's blameless or simply a victim herself. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but please keep in mind that I'm taking everything in this story from what was actually on the show, or what was suggested or implied. If you don't like it, then perhaps your issue is with the show, not me.
8/9/2012 c1 yahnis14
Well written. But I understand your point- Houd is victime of people who surround him. Cuddy is main villain,and Wilson isn't better from your POV. So House was right when he headed his car to her house. All this was her fault. Why don't you write in your disclaimer in big letters: I HATE CUDDY and HUDDY. It's all right. I have one question: why House with his brilliant brain in years didn't see that she isn't right for him. And why HL in his interview said that she is woman,that House need. May be all this her sins is your speculations and your wish to justify his violent behavior.
This was love story and you make from this trial for her describing all as if he was totally fool and was thinking only with his penis.
8/8/2012 c14 AreKay
This story begins with a very clever idea and each chapter is fully developed and beautifully written. I am thoroughly enjoying reading it as I'm sure others are as well and, as I finish the most current chapter, I anxiously await the next one. Thank you for sharing your story and your talent with us. Keep up the good work!
8/8/2012 c14 Guest
One of my favourite chapters yet. The character of Henry Dobson was one of the most interesting ones introduced in the series, so I found it a pity that he was written out.
I think the dialogue you put together for him seemed natural. You've written him really well.

Even though I found some of the things you made House do (playing music for the other poker players, deciding to tutor Mr. Dobson etc.) a tad bit unbelievable in the beginning, I actually adapted to the idea... and I thought: well, that might be possible if you just keep an accepting attitude towards him. We've certainly seen evidence for this in the series, most notably in "Broken". This, I know, is the point you want to come across.

As I look through the season, I notice that the 1st season House was quite soft compared to the one in, let's say, season five. I've often felt that they just wrote him more and more bitter and unkind as the series progressed just for shock-value. The first season House was more low-key and I think that is the House you show here. I like that a lot.

Brilliant! Waiting eagerly for the next chapter.
8/8/2012 c14 TetraFish06
Good chapter...I just wish Henry had told the panel some of the things that you told us about his conduct outside of work and such. :-)
8/8/2012 c14 Visitkarte
Aww, Henry! Thank you for bringing him into this story. 333
8/8/2012 c14 34OldSFfan
You've nailed it beautifully again.
8/8/2012 c13 34Brighid45
New favorite chapter :)

I love this glimpse of a young Greg House . . . all fire and impatience and brilliance, trying to learn everything at once and having the time of his life, even while struggling with the darkness of his abusive childhood and youth. It's good to know House had Dr. Elliott to keep an eye on him and offer encouragement, praise and room to learn and grow-that must have been an amazing experience for someone who'd rarely encountered positive attention to that point, undoubtedly. Bringing in House's love of Rube Goldberg designs, his impressive talent as a musician, his ability with languages . . . perfect. And the explanation of the cheating is the only one I've heard put forth that makes any sense at all-it's exactly something House would do. This is a tour de force, and I'm going to re-read it right now. Excellent chapter, harp.
8/7/2012 c13 10HilsonFTW
This is really getting to be a gerat story, something Kafka-esque about it because you're leaving us in the dark why the enquiry is taking place and where House is in all this. Like!
8/7/2012 c13 TetraFish06
This may be my favorite so far. I like the deductions you've made about House's early career.
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