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8/7/2012 c13 34OldSFfan
What a spectacular chapter!
8/7/2012 c13 De-em
Really like to see a professor who genuinely appreciated House's genius and was not just distracted by his behaviour. By the looks of it he is another person that realises that House's brash personality may be hiding something more. Getting more and more curious where this is heading; whether this inquiry is held because Cuddy has done something to House, or whether this is a coroner's inquest. I am probably, in both cases, completely on the wrong track. Nice to keep us wondering; already looking forward to the next chapter.
8/7/2012 c12 34Brighid45
I'm glad you have Cameron emerge as an older, wiser version of herself here. (Btw, nice use of a RL tidbit about Cameron's/Jen's hair color, perfect!) She's learned from her mistakes, and by so doing illuminates House's actions in trying to get her both to toughen up, and to stand up for herself too. There's a reason why Cameron wore those cute little vests and blouses with puffy sleeves . . . they symbolize her immaturity and naivete. By the time she left House's employ she'd lost both and blamed him, but now she has perspective on the situation and figured things out. Lovely chapter.
8/6/2012 c11 3ViolettBlack
At first I would like to say that I love this extraordinary story!
Ive already left you a few reviews at the other place where youve posted this story, too. Prefer to post my reviews there because here I can’t edit my review-posts after Ive posted them.
But I want to say something regarding your rant and to some of your reviewers.

IMO, you write House and the other characters in the House universe way more in character then Ive read it in many other fanfictions. Like you I wouldn’t have invested myself into the show and in its fandom for the last 6 years if House was only a jerk.
“DNR” the first episode of House Ive watched aired on July 4th 2006 on German Television and my second House-episode “Detox” with which I fell in love with Dr. Gregory House and its show aired on July 18th 2006. I entered the House-Fandom in early fall 2006 and became active in it in March 2007 with signing up in a German House MD message board. Since then my skills to communicate in the English language have improved a lot because I started to watch House on DVD in its American original pretty soon. Ive even attended some English classes during my semester break in order to be able to communicate better with international House-Fans. Learning / improving English with House MD is fun!

Dr. Gregory House often is a better person then the ones around him.

Freddy If the people around him would have treated House better then he probably would have treated them better, too!? What goes around, comes around. Other people aren’t saints either.

Theres a saying in the House-fandom that David Shore has created a jerk and Hugh Laurie gave him a soul.

ImeldaLumos: Heres a quote by Hugh Laurie: “House is on the side of the angels without being an angel.”
I dont think that harpomarx paints House a bit too angelic. It’s rather the case that many other people are painting the people around House too angelic and tend to only see the nastier sides of House. Its really bugging me since years that House is often blamed for everything, while the others and especially Cuddy are getting a free pass for every nasty deed available.
If you think that House is only a jerk then Cuddy for example is an even worse jerk with everything she has done to him during the entire run of the series and even before that back to the time of House’s infarction. Plotting with Stacy behind his back, doing the debridement surgery against his will and without his informed consent. Cuddy should have gone to jail and lost her medical license for that!
I remember people applauding Cuddy for the pranks she put on House in “The Greater Good” and other episodes. If the roles where reversed and House would have done the same like Cuddy has done to him, he would have been tarred and feathered.

OldSFfan Dr. Cuddy sometimes was some kind of a villain in the series.
8/6/2012 c12 dnkj
Love this story. Great work!
8/6/2012 c12 Visitkarte
Aaargh, I'm dying here! I can't wait!
8/6/2012 c12 34OldSFfan
Interesting take on Cameron. She grows in the series. You organized some very complicated character development.
8/5/2012 c11 ImeldaLumos
Well. I think your writing is superb; the dialogue is greatly paced and you never find yourself stumbling on a sentence. You've captured the characters quite well and the plot is an interesting one - the story feels well thought-out.

I have to admit though, that I also thought you tended to overlook some of the nastier sides of the protagonist and paint him a bit too angelic, but after reading your reply to this, I think I've understood that, in fact, you have just opted for focus on House's good qualities, rather than those characteristics that make us call him a 'jerk'. I do think you have a point about how circumstances and expectations make him descend, sometimes, into a more wicked figure than he really is. That's why I'm fond of 'Broken'.

Keep writing!

I think it's quite silly when people write him as a person that is the victim of everything and everyone else (it seems unfair on both the main character and the others), but I understand that is not really your view. As long as you stay away from that, I'll found it enjoyable and sufficiently believable.

8/4/2012 c11 Visitkarte
Not MY House. Oh, Alvie, whatan adorable guy! And you, dear, forget the anonimous jerks. Did you know you can delete single reviews or even block anonimous reviews in general? I find your portrait if House very accurate, especialy from each of the character's POW. I loved Alvie and Lydia testifying in your story. Keep on going, I love this to bits!
8/3/2012 c11 4siddigfan
I love what you've been doing and especially how you show that House might have been less of a jerk if he hadn't been in so much pain all the time and if people had taken him seriously about it! I've been in his shoes! It's all so easy for someone to tell you the pain is all in your head when they're not the ones feeling the pain! I just hope somehow you're not going to kill him off. Can he be saved? I love revisiting all these different characters that I didn't get enough of the first time round on the show! Good writing!
8/3/2012 c11 Guest
I think you balance House's good and bad sides very well, I wish the show's actual writers would have been as good. I am really enjoying this piece, thank you for writing it.
8/3/2012 c11 Guest
Well written! you really captured Alvie. I enjoyed reading that. Great story, continue,continue, continue...
8/3/2012 c11 De-em
Forgot more or less about Alvie, and it is good to hear from him.
With regard to the rant; harpomarx your story is well written and interesting and I at least think true to the stories told in the series. I really like reading it and am looking forward to each chapter. House is a complicated man who showed many sides of his character to people around him. Seeing him with some of his patients when nobody is watching him gives you a very different person than the one he shows to the people he worked with. I like the testimony of all the different people. Even those who mostly see the jerk side come rightly to the conclusion that there is more to House than the surface shows and that the persona they see may not necessarily be the real House.
8/3/2012 c1 Susan Breier
I'm enjoying this VERY much. Watched HOUSE all 8 seasons, and you've brought out some interesting points I hadn't considered. Overall, through these interviews we see a very real depiction of House in my opinion. Yes, he was a jerk, very mean, etc. - but I always thought no one really understood him 100% or the ter
rible pain that impacted his life every day. Really looking forward to future chapters!
8/3/2012 c11 TetraFish06
I don't see you ignoring negative aspects at all. I just see that you are exploring his personality. As you said, we all know he was sarcastic and kinda mean, but why write about what we already know?

You are writing something fresh and I appreciate that!

Keep up the good work.
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