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8/3/2012 c11 16anon004
BTW, I'm not one of the anonymous reviewers, just so everyone knows. I'm like this story because it shows many facets of House, some positive, some negative. Different people in our lives see us differently, and in the real world, there is no presence of directors or producers using an anvil to say, "See, this is how you're supposed to think of this person. We want you to think he's a jerk with no redeeming qualities," which, from somewhere after season three until the last half of season eight, was really what the producers and directors were trying to do, with Hugh constantly giving the man some humanity in spite of that. (Sorry about the rant.)

Also, from a writer's perspective, it's boring as h*ll to write about someone who is an unremitting jerk with no redeeming qualities. And, if that's the House you want, write your own stories. I can almost guarantee you won't get past chapter two, and no one will want to read it, either.

Enough about that. Harp, you are doing a great job with this story and I like how you are bringing in some of the minor characters who did get to know House. Can I make a request? Can you bring in the little girl from the clinic who was m*sterb*ting? She'd be about ten or eleven by the story timeline (assuming it's just past season eight, which I know I shouldn't assume), and she could express her appreciation for House letting her find her way to safe sex, LOL! Seriously, this is an excellent fic and I look forward to each chapter every day.
8/3/2012 c11 34Brighid45
This made me chuckle. I could hear Alvie's voice in my head while reading. You've really got him down well, and his testimony is illuminating. While Alvie does admit that he liked all his roomies at Mayfield, his happiness over House's hug and their friendship is probably unique, and a good indicator of House's own progress. Fun chapter. :)
8/3/2012 c11 34OldSFfan
Alvie is exhausting!
8/3/2012 c10 34Brighid45
This chapter made my heart ache. 'Broken' held so much promise for House, and then it was all taken away bit by bit in each episode of S6; but he at least had a few moments with Lydia to find he could still make a human connection. That their brief affair had a huge impact on him was made very clear in episodes like 'Lockdown', so Lydia obviously meant a great deal to him.

Lovely, sad, poignant chapter. I especially enjoyed Lydia's inner thoughts and her strong attraction to House, as well as her description of him.
8/3/2012 c10 Freddy
While this is well written, I do find it difficult to reconcile your House to the real House, yes he has had huge problems both physically and emotionally, but do you really think that every thing is the fault of everyone else? especially Wilson? do you not think that if you look at how House is,he has brought many of his problems (not all) on to himself? He is not a saint and never will be, others may have caused him pain but he has caused a great deal of it by the way he has chosen to treat others (treat others as you would have them treat you you treat people as morons, they will treat you the same!) While the investigation is looking at how others treat House perhaps one should also consider how House has treated those around him.
8/2/2012 c10 Rhastahippy
I just started this story and I love it. The characters are more in character here than they were on the show. If fanfiction writers wrote for the show, it would still be on. This story completes many episodes that ended abruptly only to have the next one open months later. Your story makes me want to rewatch so many of the episodes. P.S. Hope You don't kill House. Cuddy or Wilson deserve it more. LOL
8/2/2012 c10 1HughIsMagic
ooh Lidia said what we saw from the show, what other main characters have not seen:the tender side of Greg House. And that was the real meaning of that moment, and unfortunately the only peak of happiness reached by House (I think). [I do not count the entire relationship with Cuddy a peak of happiness, but merely a desperate attempt not to be alone. This is the motive of my curiosity for her testimony.] Good chapter. Thanks
8/2/2012 c10 34OldSFfan
Yet another fascinating character. It's good to see her again.
8/2/2012 c9 Visitkarte
Aww, I love you! This is simply beautiful.
8/2/2012 c9 1HughIsMagic
So finally I send my little review! I love the inside thought of the characters and the declaration of their feeling for House. For me you did right about Thirteen and Chase, and perfect for Foreman![ Yeah I always thought of him this way, I almost hated him from time to time.] Oh you put dr. Milton, she so...so perfect for House! I can't wait of the testimony of Cuddy[ I'm curious, nothing else]. I guess Wilson is out of the question, right? He's dead right? Mmmh I am a bit slow, I know, be patient. :-)
8/1/2012 c9 34Brighid45
Yay, Cate! One of my favorite non-recurring characters :)

Cate's assessment of House as giving out what people expect is exactly right, IMO. I do think House often expected people to think of him as valueless-the story of the buraku janitor and his own stint as a prison janitor tend to confirm his outlook-but Cate's right-after she let him know she accepted him the way he was and proved it by her actions, he relaxed and stopped baiting her so much.

I love how you have her stay in touch with him and become good friends, with that possibility that if she changes her venue . . . ;) (Hey, I write OC fic, it's in my blood!)

Love this chapter. You really get Cate's quiet, independent and good-natured personality, and her excellent observational skills.
8/1/2012 c9 TetraFish06
One of my favorites so far - I like that you delved a little deeper into the 'what happened after' for that episode. I always thought that there was more than what we saw onscreen.

Thanks for sharing!
8/1/2012 c9 34OldSFfan
It's nice to see Dr. Milton again, because she is a very strong character from a fascinating episode.
8/1/2012 c8 34Brighid45
An excellent chapter, though the content made me furious on House's behalf. Having House see a PM specialist without anyone knowing is very IC and makes much more sense than the canon storyline trying to make us believe he'd never seen anyone and simply started downing Vicodin because he could.

Cuddy giving House a saline injection and then throwing a placebo reaction in his face as 'proof' that his pain is psychosomatic still fills me with absolute fury, as does her messing with his methadone treatment. Chakravarti's puzzlement over the 'ineffective' morphine injection and House's anxiety over a possible tolerance to morphine are utterly damning. House was handling his pain in a completely responsible way-in the only way open to him short of amputation of his leg, as a matter of fact-and everyone treated him basically as drug-seeking, Cuddy and Wilson in particular. That kind of 'just deal with it' attitude is something all chronic pain sufferers know and hate, and it's pervasive. So is the hysteria over narcotic use. It's why the manufacturers of hydrocodone put Tylenol in their product-to forcibly limit the amount a patient can take. What a great choice to give a patient: live in hellish pain, or trash your liver.

Anyway-I'll get off my soapbox. Well done, and great OC.
7/31/2012 c8 TetraFish06
I like that you added this character. I will be interested to see if the Cuddy/saline incident ever comes out.

So, do any of these people realize that House is still alive? I guess I'm unsure of the time frame here. What will the inquiry determine for him?

Thanks for continuing this awesome story! :-)
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