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7/31/2012 c8 34OldSFfan
Dr. Cuddy is something of a villain in your story. Interesting take on things. This is a powerful chapter.
7/31/2012 c6 De-em
Nice, bringing a pain specialist in. At last someone who can inform the committee objectively on such an often misunderstood issue. Really enjoying this well-written story. Thank you for the update.
7/30/2012 c7 TetraFish06
I was pleasantly surprised that Taub seemed to be about the most open of all of them thus far.

I like that about him and the way you've written him - he just kind of lays it out there as it is!

Thanks for the update...awaiting more ;-)
7/30/2012 c7 34Brighid45
Taub as source for gossip and information-that makes total sense. His testimony is damning for both Wilson and especially Cuddy, but not without reason. The premise for 'Birthmarks' was cruel-while it's one of my favorite episodes for what it reveals about House's relationship with his parents and with Wilson, to force an adult who was once an abused child to go to the abuser's funeral . . . And I *hated* Cuddy's 'pranks'-they were fully as abusive as John House's ice baths and summer of silence, both physically and emotionally.

Taub illustrates the atmosphere around House and show it for what it was-very much a hostile work environment. Sad and infuriating.
7/30/2012 c7 Visitkarte
You said it. House had so many reasons to sue and retaliate but never did. Than, he did one stupid thing, actually in a suicidal maner, gets sued in an jiffy and ends up in jail. He is thrown in solitary for saving another inmate's life and gets another extra 10 months. Than, for a minor prank, actually more like adequate response to incredibly insulting "present" with the most awful timing, he should raturn to jail, no parol...
7/30/2012 c7 4siddigfan
Wow! I was always on House's side but so many tv critics were constantly pushing how horrible they thought House was. This whole inquiry thing has really made me look back and take notice of just how crappy even Wilson treated him! Please oh please don't kill House! He has suffered so much already!
7/30/2012 c6 34OldSFfan
This fiction gets more and more tragic, especially since we don't really know yet what has happened with Dr. House.
7/30/2012 c6 De-em
Really like Chase's loyalty to House. In all characters the interview evokes memories of and contemplations about House. I also like you mentioning that House is seldom really angry at the people he silently cares about, while others can be pretty hurtful to him. The only time I saw House seriously angry was in 406 (Whatever it takes). Then his anger was very quite and controlled, but very intense.
7/30/2012 c6 34Brighid45
This chapter just reaffirms my long-standing and deep affection for Chase. He truly is the right person to inherit House's department, and it's entirely probable he's House's best friend. Chase sees House as he is, and accepts him-something almost no one else has ever done at PPTH. I like his internal thoughts about the self-surgery and his anguish at not being there for his mentor-that's exactly right, and really warms my heart. I suspect if House could hear those thoughts he'd tell Chase it didn't matter or not to work himself up over it, but it would please House all the same.

Lovely chapter, and a masterful exploration of one of the best canon characters on the show. Well done.
7/30/2012 c5 Visitkarte
So beautiful and also intriguing. So Chase knows about House faking his own death just to be together with Wilson, giving everything up for him?
7/29/2012 c1 TetraFish06
Great to see 13 again!
7/29/2012 c5 TetraFish06
Great stuff...I like seeing the comparison between the different characters and the way they speak about House.
7/28/2012 c5 resourceress7
Oh, interesting... Chase seems to know about House faking his death. Wonder if Foreman told him?

In canon, not only did Chase feel a connection to House on some deep levels, but House trusted Chase, perhaps above even Wilson at times. With his mind during the DBS. With his future emotional security... I think House already knew Chase might pass his little test during the hepatic encephalopathy stunt - he just wanted proof. Chase explicitly stated he understood what House was testing. Chase also correctly surmised House's motives during the superficially annoying ways that House found excuses to visit Chase's hospital room in the "Chase" episode. I think Chase often understood House much better than Wilson did; Wilson often jumped to negative conclusions, and judgemental lectures, without taking the time to tune in to what House was actually feeling and doing. There's no denying that House and Wilson shared a deeply bonded friendship, but Wilson so often missed the mark on how to be a good friend to House.

I'm excited to see more of this fic as it unfolds. Keep those chapters coming. :)
7/28/2012 c5 Brighid45
This is my favorite chapter so far. Chase has indeed grown since his first days with House. While he still naturally has some self-preservation tendencies (the Dibala case being foremost here), he's also no longer allowing his own inner demons to cloud his observation and subsequent conclusions. His assessment of House as teacher, physician and human being is spot on. He gets House better than just about anyone else at this point; his saying that House's deliberate obnoxiousness blinded people to House's better qualities is exactly right. I liked his hesitation over admitting their friendship has a strong father-son component, but he still admits (if only to himself) that it's there. Excellent, can't wait for more!
7/28/2012 c5 34OldSFfan
Once again, very powerful.
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