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1/29/2015 c33 29BabalooBlue
Really, Dr. Cuddy, what were you thinking? - I love Nemesis. :)

I always enjoyed the banter between Cuddy and House in the early seasons, if only for its entertainment value. But what always bothered me is how Cuddy was unable to keep the employer/employee relationship in her mind. She had a duty of care towards her employee and she rarely, if ever, exercised that duty. The whole incident with the parking space comes to mind - House was dead right with his reasoning that he deserved a space closer to the entrance (and probably was entitled to it). But no, she had to turn it into a game, knowing full well House would never back out of a challenge. She knew exactly how to play him - just as much as he knew how to play her. But, and this is important, she was his boss. She was in charge, she was responsible for what went on at the hospital - and that includes provisions for a disabled employee, whether that employee actually likes to be seen as disabled or not. (Rant over)

I do like how you make Cuddy see 'sense' at times here, get a little pang of guilt even. But, and I think that's true to character, she pushes that away immediately because she's unable to see things from his perspective. There's one instance where she manages to do that here, and I hope there are many more to come.
1/29/2015 c32 BabalooBlue
That wasn't so bad? That was pretty damn bad. There was SO much wrong in their professional relationship even before they ever became a couple.
And yes, I've often wondered about House not going after Cuddy regarding the initial surgery on his leg. Because, let's face it, not only was she not qualified (an endocrinologist in charge of this case, really?) but she also steered Stacy towards the debridement once House was out of the equation. The only explanation I have is that House never went after anyone who hurt him physically - Tritter who kicked his cane away, Cuddy putting up the tripwire are just two instances that come to mind right away. IMO House would've definitely had a case against Stacy, Cuddy and the hospital. But despite his loud and obnoxious public persona House was not a vindictive man. I've often thought he thought he didn't deserve better - something that was very deep-seated.
Anyway, I'm not surprised at Cuddy. She always had a very strange picture of House. House is not the only difficult doctor. There are many 'divas' in the medical world, many of whom rack up a lot of malpractice suits and are not easy to manage. She only got House for a song because his self-esteem was so low at the time that it was almost non-existent. And it never really grew much in my opinion. Despite all his posturing, House didn't think much of himself. He valued his mind, he knew what his expertise was worth, yes. But the rest? He expected not to be valued, to be disregarded. And I think once the option of shining athletically was taken away, that got worse. While he was used to argue for his views and diagnosis to be accepted, he was not used to fighting for himself as a person. Which is where the 'diagnosis' of an abusive childhood fits in 100%.

Sorry, way too long for a review. But I'm pretty sure you won't mind too much ;)
1/28/2015 c31 BabalooBlue
Yup, House got on well with kids, once he figured out what to do with them. And they usually liked him in return - simply because he often wasn't as 'grown up' as the other grown ups in their lives. It figures that Rachel would miss him.
1/28/2015 c30 BabalooBlue
Ah. That's a sigh of relief. Yes, Wilson is right in every point here. House was always a better friend to him than he was to House. And that's not glorifying House.

And yes, the relationship with Cuddy was bad. But I guess we're getting to that in a bit.

Thank you for showing Wilson the way he is - that mirror that was held up for him showed a pretty harsh reality. But it seems that Wilson is able to recognise and handle it after all.
1/28/2015 c29 BabalooBlue
Well, at least Wilson has got that right. House IS a romantic, no doubt about it at all.
1/28/2015 c28 BabalooBlue
"I'm at a loss, Dr. Wilson..." - Yes, so was I at the time. That whole 'stay out of my tub' business didn't make sense to me at all.
1/27/2015 c27 BabalooBlue
Sometimes you just want to grab Wilson and shake him. But I think this is actually more effective than shaking. If this (the whole interview) doesn't wake him up then I don't know what could.

Another great chapter!
1/27/2015 c26 BabalooBlue
There were a lot of things he'd never thought about - so true.

Cuddy's 'pranks' still make me freak out completely. Not only was that not her finest hour, the committee is right, she could've (and maybe should've) faced charges.

Oh, and I love Wilson's 'Nemesis'. Hee hee. ;)
1/26/2015 c25 BabalooBlue
Wilson really doesn't come off well here. And it's all correct. He did behave like a total jerk. And the fact that everyone (including Wilson here) always called House selfish really jarred with me. He wasn't, not at all. Not if you looked closely. He did like the image of the selfish jerk, of course. All part of the plan - easier to keep people at arm's length that way. But it was hard to stomach that even his best friend thought of him that way - the one person who should've known better.
I don't think Wilson is beyond redemption, though. At least he does see a few things in a different light now, especially since House so obviously gave up everything for him at the end.
1/26/2015 c24 BabalooBlue
Gah. The whole Tritter affair still makes me sick. I still find it hard to watch. I can't believe nobody ever asked House what had actually happened in the clinic. He could've gotten Tritter on assault. Admittedly, BEFORE he left him with the thermometer in his backside. But still, it was glaringly obvious Tritter was out of order - why did nobody complain to his superiors?

And the worst of all, Wilson left House that night without even taking care he wouldn't choke on his own vomit. I was furious. Not quite sure if I was more furious with Wilson or with the writers because I'm certain that no doctor would do this. Ever. Basic training. Even if he was as 'disgusted' as he claims to be, I think he should've seen the danger his friend was in.
1/26/2015 c23 BabalooBlue
Yes, yes, yes! Thank you for getting your teeth into the addiction, dependency and pseudo-addiction issue and for showing us to what extent House was betrayed by his friends. Supposed friends, I should probably say. I always thought that House was not addicted; he had legitimate need for pain meds and his behaviour would indicate dependency (or pseudo-addiction) much more than addiction. But either way, Wilson and Cuddy both were arrogant in presuming to know what was best for House - without even talking to him (from what we saw on the show). Wilson picked that one up right.
I know these chapters are going to be hard chapters, so I'll pace myself. One at a time.
1/26/2015 c22 BabalooBlue
Ha! Double ha! Wish that we'd gotten to see more of this Dr. Nolan on the show. I was always in two minds about him, not sure whether he hadn't hindered House's recovery or, in the very least, could've done more. But I fully agree with his summary at the end. House was let down by everyone. And not just since his stay in Mayfield, but well before that. But I'm sure we'll get to that in a bit.
9/29/2014 c21 BabalooBlue
Waaa, thank you for bringing Dr Greenblatt here! He just about summed up my whole opinion about House and his employment (and relationships within PPTH).
I think the most important point he made is that Wilson & Cuddy (as his physician and his supervisor respectively) should have intervened "in a constructive way" when he was having problems with his meds. They did intervene, but it was always a complete shambles and not even close to being constructive.
I'm happy to think that House had at least one champion on the board. :)
Thank you for this chapter!
9/29/2014 c20 BabalooBlue
Sigh. I did like Dominika. I know many didn't. She was good for House in some ways. She was young, happy (mostly) and funny. She wasn't connected to work in any way, so being with her was disconnecting from work and all the intrigue. I thought their relationship did have potential - if House hadn't messed up the whole green card thing.
And yes, I did see a little spark between them. Dominika liked him, besides the fact that he suited her plans at the time.
9/29/2014 c19 BabalooBlue
Ha, nicely done. I've always liked Park. And I also thought she liked the unpredictability in House, the 'danger' as she said it here. She had a little of that in herself. In her the struggle between seeming 'good and proper' and being just a little reckless is still very strong. Looks like the reckless side will win out eventually, though.
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