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1/3/2013 c17 Instant Karma
Darn, I would've liked to hear a bit more from Masters, I really liked her.
1/3/2013 c14 Instant Karma
Ridiculously Old Fraud! Oh, how I missed you! :)
1/3/2013 c10 Instant Karma
Ahem. Sorry. But seriously, why was her story just completely abandoned? She was a great character, and House was actually himself around her.
11/13/2012 c39 CasualReading007
You should make a sequel to what happens after this. :-)
11/1/2012 c39 52I Give Headaches To Aspirin
I've got to say, this is one of, if not THE best House fan fiction I have read. You brought pretty much all of my thoughts to life as well. Especially when it came to all of the characters trying to pretend that everything was House's fault because he was a jerk, and that they were all perfect. They called him nasty and manipulative, yet they never actually bothered to look in the mirror.

I would love to read a sequel with that idea of House working somewhere else, with some appearances from people from the Inquiry. You flesh out the OCs so well that I think you would do brilliantly if you wrote about House moving to a new hospital and beginning his life again.
10/12/2012 c1 60The cursed child
amazing. perfect. in character. i demand an epilogue about house collecting his team and starting his own department. an enjoyabe read.
10/2/2012 c39 11clp66
That was a very interesting take on the series. I enjoyed how you made the characters look back on their actions, though sometimes it seemed a bit harsh. I'm glad that in the end, House was alive. You had me flip flopping through the entire inquiry as to his status. I was never happy with the House/Cuddy pairing; not the pairing itself as I had no feelings one way or the other, but I didn't like that she said she didn't want him to change and then spent their entire relationship trying to change him. I think you captured that well. Thanks for writing. Enjoyed the story.
10/1/2012 c39 5Lisztian Dragon
This is a gem!
I love the objective look to the events and the actions from everyone being scrutinized in such a method. I've always felt uncomfortable with Cuddy's overuse of power over House in the seasons and the blatant inability to separate personal/professional matters during House/Cuddy's sham of a relationship. (Even though I was a neutral Huddy fan up till when they actually got together). After that, I really couldn't see how their relationship would work, since Cuddy was more interested in having House conform to her ideal "boyfriend" than claiming to love him for being himself. I also thought that Wilson never really grasped the nature of the relationship between House and Viccidin.

I quite enjoyed your OCs. I love that Wilson understands House a little bit better and I hope they continue their friendship :) maybe at another hospital w/o all the bad memories.

Looking forward to more of your work!

10/1/2012 c1 23T.M.K.06
What I don’t get is people who claim to have watched House but are insisting that you are making up facts or forgetting them. How so? I fell in love with House because he was analytical and objective: exactly what you have been here.
We all know House is a jerk; does that mean that anyone can commit any illegal, unethical or immoral act against him and then blame it on him while getting off scotch free themselves? And if House does something illegal must he carry the burden of other people’s illegal acts against him and have those added to his sentence? House has always been willing to pay for his actions; sometimes even way over and beyond what he ought to. Good example is Cuddy’s house: what he did is legally simple assault; he was a first time offender and ought not to have served any time at all (and that BTW was stated in the show). The normal punishment is fine, community service and liability for the damage. Yes he did use his car which, had there been injuries, would have made it an assault with a deadly weapon, but as there were no casualties (apart from Wilson’s wrist and that was because Wilson fell, not because House aimed at him or hit him or anything like that) it was in the eyes of the law a simple assault only. House, apparently, felt that he deserved to serve time for it, so he did.
If House is supposed to pay for every one of his mistakes, even when they are not illegal acts, why are all others supposed to get a ‘get out of jail free’ –card when they choose to do wrong? Because House is a jerk and thus forces them to commit crimes? They have no free will of their own? But House is responsible for all his actions, never mind how many head injuries he’s had that any court of law would (or at least should) take into account when evaluating his actions. No mitigating circumstances for him but for everyone else all they have to say is ‘but House is a jerk’ and all is supposed to be forgiven? Of course, House has always forgiven them no matter what they have done to him but is that any reason for anyone else who finds out about their illegal or professionally unethical actions to ignore the information? House was ok with it all, so let’s just forget it: they are purer than driven snow because House is a jerk.
House chose a treatment for his leg and Cuddy went against his expressed wishes; but that is ok because House is a jerk. Tritter went after House with trumped up charges (we all knew House was not dealing; he might have been an addict or a pseudo-addict, but he was not dealing) but that is ok because House is a jerk. Had Tritter gone after any other doctor in the hospital Cuddy would have had the hospital lawyers on Tritter so fast he wouldn’t have known what hit him and the hospital security would have escorted Tritter out before he got his hands on any confidential hospital files without a search warrant. But it was ok for Cuddy to leave House hanging in the wind because House is a jerk. Wilson could ask House to risk his life for Amber without a blink of an eye and then walk out on House when Amber died because of the accident. Apparently House had forced Amber to come to the bar and then get on the bus (she surely didn’t know where he lived so she couldn’t drive her car to his bus stop and give him his cane there). Wilson was right to punish House because House is a jerk. Wilson was right to throw House out of his apartment in favor of Sam because House is a jerk (and Sam isn’t?) and so on ad nauseam. Anything goes because House is a jerk. I got sick of that watching the show (no matter how good the show was and how much I actually shipped Huddy – at least until Cuddy’s personality to a turn for the worst) I was so happy to find out someone else had seen it too and wrote a fitting ending – or a new beginning – for the show.
So thank you, and ignore the blinkered ones. Don’t waste any energy on them because nobody’s as blind as those who just don’t want to see.
10/1/2012 c39 30cuddyclothes
I have one question, and I might have missed this-who is the committee? Are they a subsidiary of the AMA? If so, what gives them the authority to take the actions that they do? And who actually convened the committee?

I'm not arguing with any of the conclusions. This is an area of confusion that I've experienced as I've read the chapter.

Except for two: how could House be Rachel's de facto father figure when he only spent a total of about five days with? He and Wilson kidnapped her when she swallowed a dime, while he neglected the case of a mother and baby with cancer. He said that she ate paste sandwiches. Why is it bonding to show a three-year-old a cartoon filled with jokes she wouldn't understand? (Puzzled because if I showed one of my nieces South Park when they were three, they might giggle at the word "bastard" but the rest would go over their heads. After only a few months with him, how could she consider him a father figure?

He was always good with children, but this is tantamount to giving him visitation rights with any child that he worked with on a case. He bonded with them and changed their lives.

The second one is Chase saying his flushed the tickets. He wasn't working for House at the time, if I recall correctly. Feel free to correct me on this.
9/30/2012 c39 5harpomarx
Someone objected to House getting visiting privileges with Rachel, so I just want to mention that I did do my homework on that. Although it's not something that would be allowed in some states (particularly in the Bible belt), other states (including New Jersey) have giving visiting privileges to non-parent ex-boyfriends who have become, according to the legal term, de facto parents. So it is neither illegal in New Jersey nor outside the bounds of reason.
9/30/2012 c39 Anona
Do you remember in one of the episodes, when House talks about his patient's belief in God? He says that if something good happens God gets the credit but if something bad happens no one ever blames God. That was his idea of a ridiculous set of beliefs, and it's what you've done here.
9/29/2012 c39 17Flatpickluvr
Just finished the last chapter. I've read this all the way through today, from start to finish. This is the best House fan fic mentioning all of the characters from the show (and your own great characters) that I've ever read. I completely and totally agree with everything, and what an amazing way to end this whole drama!
9/29/2012 c28 Flatpickluvr
Ok, this goes to show you how much I love this story. I haven't stopped reading it since I reviewed the first time, after I finished chapter 9. I'm on 28 now. You've sure made my Saturday very enjoyable! I can't put this down! I always liked Wilson, and yet I don't think you're treating him any more harshly than a real life review board would treat a real life physician whose patient had suffered similar mistreatment.
9/29/2012 c1 Flatpickluvr
I totally, totally love this story. I'm sorry I haven't reviewed sooner, but I'm using the fanfiction app for IPAD and it lacks any feature for us to post reviews. It also lacks the ability to place bookmarks, so when the story is long it's difficult to leave each chapter, go on fanfiction dot net on the web, log in and review chapter by chapter. I've read the first 8 chapters and this is by far the best House story I've ever read, with the possible exception of brighid45's works.
I think you are treating all of the characters, including House, very fairly. In canon, none of them were without fault. They were all dark, complicated, faulty, brilliant, complex, interesting characters who also had their good points. What made them so interesting on the show was that one had to get to know them very well and look hard, sometimes, to find their good points. On the other hand they could occasionally surprise us with spontaneous acts of kindness showing us that their good points were not as far underneath the surface as we might sometimes think. You can count me as one of your fans, that's for sure!
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