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9/29/2012 c39 35OldSFfan
Whew! Well shot. This is a brilliant and coldly analytical story. And I'm so glad House got to hear the verdict rather than have a posthumous vindication.
9/29/2012 c39 TetraFish06
Awesome conclusion...I have thoroughly enjoyed your work.

You have really made sense out of things.

I'd love to read a sequel or another House story from you!
9/28/2012 c39 AreKay
Thank you so much for a wonderful story, beautifully written and with a point of view that I never would have considered. Keep up the good work; I hope you'll share more HOUSE stories with us in the very near future!
9/28/2012 c39 Guest
Loved this
9/28/2012 c39 Guest
THANK YOU! for a wonderful story. Everyone is free to make choices but they are not free from the consequences of those choices. You have illustrated so well what happens when people fail to think about the broader effect of those choices and actions, especially on other people. They can be quite destructive and can have ramifications never imagined. I look forward to your next story. Thanks again so well done!
9/28/2012 c39 Bewildered
So it's okay for Chase to perjure himself on House's behalf? Good thing the panel doesn't know that Chase not only accidentally killed a patient, but he also deliberately killed Dibala. Oh, wait, he's not the evil slime that is Cuddy, so he gets a free pass.

BTW, why does a former boyfriend get visitation rights? He's not her biological father, and was not married to Cuddy at any time. This is illegal.
9/28/2012 c39 34Brighid45
A fitting end to an excellent story. This was both enjoyable and sad to read-so many missed opportunities on all sides, and so much pain that could have been avoided. The conclusion the panel comes to is sound and gives both censure and credit where both are due, including House. My favorite moment: House taking Wilson's arm to offer both comfort and support. Well done harp, this is brilliant work.
9/28/2012 c39 Guest
Thank you so much for this, I really enjoyed it.
9/28/2012 c39 Rhastahippy
Thank you for this story. House was a welcome surprise. I was afraid you killed him. I totally agree with the panels findings, especially with Cuddy. I also agree that PPTH is a toxic environment for House. Wilson got off easy but hey House still loves and needs him. This is one fic that I will reread from the beginning probably more than once.
9/28/2012 c39 4siddigfan
I love you! What a terrific ending! I love happy endings! Thank you so much! This will be a story I will read over and over!
9/28/2012 c39 ImeldaLumos
Now I've read the whole story and it has felt well-plotted all the way through. You really see the effort, care and ambition you've put into this and the language by which means you convey the story served its purpose.

While I do not agree with you - although you've made me think differently about some points - I thought it impressive of you to stick to your view and try to offer another perspective on events.
Personally, I think you were too harsh on Cuddy, and that you made House too much of a victim, but in some cases, you made me reconsider my view.

The story was really interesting.

So thanks for the story. Good luck on your next fic! I'll take a peek.
9/28/2012 c39 T.M.K.0
This was good and for the most part exactly how I saw it all too. Thank you.
9/28/2012 c39 10HilsonFTW
9/28/2012 c39 1HughIsMagic
I'm happy House is alive!
Wow you did it, actions cause consequence, and now Cuddy knows it. I think you have rightly focused on the first and most serious negligence: the failure to comply with the wishes of the patient and not informing him of all possible medical actions, and acted behind him. The other negligence are minor in comparison, but obviously can not be ignored in a serious investigation.
Yes, justice, because actions cause consequence.
About Wilson, I think you were soft with him. The DBS procedure was life threatening...but hoping they give him the maximun time ( 5 months ) of suspension, he can use them for learn something more.
A new start House, give it a chance ok! Heal yourself and then gives the world your incredible talent. Be how much happy you can be!
Thank you for this outrageously beautiful journey Harp! Marvelous work!
9/28/2012 c39 De-em2
Really enjoyed the final chapter. Was glad to find that House was alive (and anusually subdued [medication?]). It is a great idea to go from the premise that House has suffered brain damage that caused behavioural changes that resulted in much of the trouble he had been in. All the pieces from the earlier chapters came together in this one chapter. I love the way Wilson accepted his sentence gracefully and the gesture of empathy from House. Cuddy was shocked out of the self-constructed image of her life; and I think, however harsh, that she gets what she deserved but also was glad that she found in within herself to apologise to House, it is the only way they can move on with dealing with his seeing Rachel (good for House!). I loved the suggestions the panel made to House regarding his future, the way trust and respect were given to someone not used to receive a great deal of either.
Thank you so much for an excellent story. I really so enjoyed reading this and will read it again (over time certainly more than once).
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