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for Dear Father

2/10 c1 334No Fate 1990
I enjoyed reading this cute and interesting story
12/19/2002 c1 mandalorian-avenger
It was great, all of it, I never imagine she could feel like that about her father.

really cool.
9/16/2002 c1 Doctoroc

Good points: You do a good story, you can see what the characters are thinking. You could tell that was Wanda maximoff's hand, by the way of speech.

Bad points: Wanda has never thought of Eric as a father! Even now, she gets really angry if anybody says he's her "father", she only doesn't if they say he's her BIOLOGICAL father. She loved Django maximoff as a father, and never wanted anything to do with Magneto after she found out.
8/15/2002 c1 20RyanGosling4Ever
Hey this was great! I loved it, are you gonna write like, a sequel to it? Maybe a Pietro letter or something? I hope you do! I'll be checking back! Keep it up, and keep writing!

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