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for a little touch of heavenly light

10/8/2020 c1 Denie1943
Very nice! Thanks for sharing. Stay well...
10/29/2017 c1 4Mintley8
Ohhh, i like, thank you x
10/26/2016 c1 smxikn
This was too perfect. Brava!
4/30/2016 c1 Anton M
My first foray into SWatH fanfiction, and it was so lovely! Thank you for writing it!
1/28/2016 c1 78FelicityLeigh
I don't think I've ever reviewed this story but it's truly wonderful.
12/20/2014 c1 18tripwatcher2
Truly lovely! Great job of continuing the story and keeping them all in character!
9/4/2014 c1 89babyvfan


Wow. And woah
2/17/2014 c1 Dino-Rogue
And the things he does to me and the things he makes me feel, as well! Like you, I start bursting with feels when I watch these two; the paring is, without question, destined. Take that, William, indeed! Princes are not the only hot, deserving, noble ones, you know. :) And I had been exactly the same, with the reaction like yours, about the prince not being the one to be a part of the whole 'happily ever after' thing. But Chris has proven us wrong! It is possible! Haha!Oh, then do, Snow! Do get used to it from now by always keeping him around and making sure that he never thinks of leaving again, ever. Boy! "He whispers her name, and he spends the next couple of hours making her forget it." You had to go and do that, did you? Wow, you are cracking the wals and I'm lovin' every second of it!

Wow, reading this again and it never fails to give me the squeals and smiles! Even the magic mirror agrees! "To him, this is an her, it is a compliment of the highest order." Yes, yes, yes! Oh, why do you have to give me so many favorite lines that kill the restraints and bring the love back to life? Like this: "He's simply , according to destiny, he's hers." Ahhh! You are right! He is yours, Snow! And you are his and his alone, got it? ...And, yes, dear author. Chris Hemsworth is, indeed, simply gorgeous! :-) And This is super sweet! So sweet, in fact, that it seems like nothing but a dream to the Huntsman! Oh, but no, dear Eric, this tis the girl for you! "Nevermind the fact that he could live a hundred lifetimes, and he still wouldn't deserve her."Um, Eric, I know you think so otherwise, but that is not at all a fact. And so is this whole thing being completely inappropriate. No, not in the least bit. "He's willing to do whatever it take to keep her happy, even if it means indulging in his own ." Love that line... again! Sorry! But... ah, you'd probably want to add an 'S' to the 'take' there, no? 'Haggard witches'? Haha! Gotta love that, Eric... I seriously adore the banter, quips, warmth, that they share! And I always love it when it has love, angst, and sweetness as one, involved: "She's done pretending like he's not the first thing she thinks about when she wakes up and the last thing she thinks about before going to sleep." Ues! Oh, my gosh, you must forgive me for these feels you give! Eric's love is truly unconditional, to the point the he encourages not only Snow, but William, as well! He did so in the movie. Oh, this man's heart breaks my own and moves me to tears!

This is more than a little touch of Heavenly Light, it is a touch that shall last forever, thanks to you and this superb fic of yours! Oh, I simply love this! You give a SWATH fan like me more than enough happiness for a day!
10/15/2013 c1 Bugula
Very well done!
8/16/2013 c1 49Jacal Ste. Worme
Good lord we'd all get used to waking up to someone like Eric. Omg. Haha great shot! I love the way you write them! Please write more. :)
1/20/2013 c1 5SatanAteMyBeans
c': that was beautiful!
1/16/2013 c1 Misty Blue
What he does to you? I'd like to know what he does to me! Haha! I mean, Snow's word for the Huntsman is perfect: He is gorgeous! Both in film... and in real life, yes! Oh, boy... :) Hmmm, I'd thought that the mirror would no longer be in the picture, seeing as it was Ravenna's tool, making it evil. But all right, for this wonderful story, we will suppose that it is not. After all, maybe it was only obeying his queen... the former one, a task for which he was created. So perhaps now that Snow is the queen of the relm, he is her tool to use, and not so much the wicked one of Ravenna's. If she was the one who had it made in the first place, well... that's another story. But again, perhaps she was not? Then that brings us back here! :) Sorry for the overanalyzing. :) "you are more than worthy of my affections, and even if you aren't, it's too late—they're already yours. I wouldn't wish for anyone else to hold them."... Oh. My. Gosh! Now, if that doesn't sound like true love, I don't know what does. And when she asks him to repeat after her? Oh, he knows he can neither help nor deny it. Super sweet, these two! "He whispers her name, and he spends the next couple of hours making her forget it."? Woah... woah! Now, that's something that only one's one and only real love could do! Wow, this fic takes my breath away... Oh, forget William for now. That'll be solved some other time. But... if this doesn't happen in the possible future where there's a possible sequel for the movie, I'd take up English and writing classes and write the script myself... not? Haha!
A brilliant, breathtaking, wonderfully-written, great, awesome piece! Totally enjoyed reading. Love this one shot!
12/25/2012 c1 70yaba
very cute! I loved this. Sweet but realistically fit to the story. Nice!

10/30/2012 c1 Samanthadawnn22
I loved this. When I watched the movie, I always found the cliff hanger of their love always on my mind. This was a perfect way to satisfy my imagination. You did a great job :)
10/15/2012 c1 67LAIsobel
I agree - this time the Prince wasn't the right one... the wild man was :o)

First story about these two I've read - and loved it!

I missed the scene in the movie - her finding out who had been the one to wake her up...
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