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for Your Shadow

5/22/2018 c1 Blaqk Electric
I’m not crying. It’s just raining on my face.

Only this fandom can turn me into a weeping fool in seconds.

If it makes me cry, it’s a good story. So good job!
7/12/2013 c1 Guest
Beautiful Atem's letter made me teary eyed.
2/16/2013 c1 Yamifan
OMR i'm crying here that was so sad :'( and i don't cry much so it takes a very sad story poor yug :( does anyone know when yug's real b-day is? i don't know
7/26/2012 c1 The Queen of Water
I like it.
7/26/2012 c1 11Doragon-chan
Dora: *faint*
Oggie: um, Doragon?
Misha: it must have been really good.
7/26/2012 c1 6qn4eto1234
Wow, you made me cry. That was beautiful.

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