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for Road to Sakura

7/31/2012 c6 Anzu-chan Loves Pain
Gahhh! ASOME CHAPTER! Please continue updating! :D
7/31/2012 c6 5Yuuki-Hime 2097
I like how u can properly depict a 12 yr old still not over her parents deaths. She's hurt and when ppl bein it up, she hurts them, the whole 'misery loves company' sort of thing :) albeit sad but completely understandable seeing as she had no one to help her get through it :( can't wait til ur next update :3
7/28/2012 c5 4TheBloodyLoveOfSakuraHaruno
That's sad, that he asked about such a thing. If only he knew... XC
7/28/2012 c5 bbarbie325
aw ;( narutoo always has to ask a question like that
7/28/2012 c5 Anzu-chan Loves Pain
I love your story please, i beg of you to continue with it! I cant wait for the next update!
7/28/2012 c5 AwesomePossum
Its a good story. Can you make the chapters longer? :)
7/28/2012 c5 5Yuuki-Hime 2097
Although naruto is an idiot no matter where u put him, that was harsh : it was well written and I loved it! XD plz update again soon! Road to Ninja is a disappointment to me since I might have to wait a yr to see it with english subtitles :'(
7/28/2012 c5 Guest
Feeding scene exists only because you want Sakura in the showcase, but because it makes sense by the actions you describe.
7/28/2012 c3 Guest
Last chapter Sakura was occasionally jealous of Naruto.

This chapter she suddenly hates him so much that she cannot stand being in the same room?

7/28/2012 c4 4TheBloodyLoveOfSakuraHaruno
Challenges? XD Hahahahaha! This is going to be interesting :P I love dango daikazoku :3 Dango dango dango dango dangoooooo XD Hahahaha :P (I know the song doesn't quote go like that :P ) Why didn't Sasuke state his goals?
7/27/2012 c3 TheBloodyLoveOfSakuraHaruno
Hahaha. Oh, how she sees things XD
7/27/2012 c4 6Miss Dany
I like this so far :) Keep up the great work!
7/27/2012 c4 hahahahah
stupid sasu-gay
7/27/2012 c4 5AboMakea
This is one of the most original storys i have read in a long time although most of it from the anime anyway, you made it into something else completely.

p.s. update soon!
7/26/2012 c2 Guest
nice plz update soon!
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