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for Gate Child

2/7/2013 c3 mithrilandtj
2/6/2013 c3 ILoveGeorgeEads
i loved loved was great.i can't wait for more.
2/6/2013 c3 Jostanos

A little rushed though. :)
2/6/2013 c3 Guest
Love it so far. Can't wait to see where you take this.
2/5/2013 c3 thunder18
Great chapter Update soon
2/5/2013 c3 Silvermane1
Are they going to get in contact with the American Magic Government through the President
2/5/2013 c3 ladywatertiger
Hopefully everyone will understand to find out Harry's learning strengths practile or theory and allow some play and interaction with people his own age.
2/5/2013 c3 22edboy4926
Good chapter
1/15/2013 c2 1Griffin Raven
I've always found the fake name given to T'Ceal (darn can't recall how to spell it) Murray
just always makes me smile! Anyway I do think that little Harry has finally landed in the
safest hands of Jack O'Neill that he could ever have possibly be in & he undoubtably be
very well protected as well with a close family also in the rest of the SG1 team...it will
interesting to see just what kind of role Sam, Daniel & T'Ceal assume in little Harry's life? But also if little Harry will be renamed by Jack, because I don't think Harry O'Neill goes very well at all? Considering young Harry's age & that Jack along with SG1 spend time off-world Jack will need to appoint someone to look after the wee lad when his
team are off-world?

Wonder how long it will take the wizarding world to even realise that little Harry Potter
is not with his aunt & uncle...or if they'll only find out this truth when Harry's
11yrs old? Will any of the other SG1 team members find & adopt a child from the orphange
whilst Jack's getting little Harry's papers sorted out for him to sign? How will General
Hammond react when Jack brings little 2yr old Harry back to the base with him?
12/20/2012 c2 RoughIslandSunrise
Too cute and jack gets to be a dad again.
12/4/2012 c2 5Amyethious
please continue
11/7/2012 c2 Silver Heart11DOOM
ooo not bad not bad more plz
10/31/2012 c2 22Anaika Skywalker
Wonderful story. Are you going to continue?
9/5/2012 c2 2Penny is wise
Awesome chapter.
9/3/2012 c2 3Caelus06
too cute. don't let this one slip away. also magic and magical kids are probaly walking and running emps.
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