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for the past is never forgotten

2/13/2013 c6 HalfBlindFeline
Use your ideas to write a similar one WITH CORRECT PUNCTUATION! I could help you with that if you'd like. _ PM me when you can.

10/30/2012 c5 Kiba515
poor ryoma
please update soon
9/13/2012 c1 1rieai
this is getting interesting,, please update soon
hopefully next chapter will explain what exactly happen,,
thanks 4 the wonderful storyline,,
keep it up :-)
9/7/2012 c5 Guest
update soon
9/5/2012 c4 Guest
update soon
9/5/2012 c4 Big Sis of 8
I'm not good with suggestions. But I love your story! And I can't wait for the next update! D
9/7/2012 c5 HalfBlindFeline
Nya Ochibi! Nya, don't yell. Nyaaaaaa, Ochibi, I want to hug you so bad.. T.T ( no I'm not Eiji-senpai)
9/7/2012 c4 JigokuTenshi834
What shock? What is the shock of their life?! Waa I reaaallyy want to know now! Update quickly please, or I might just go insane from curiosity
9/6/2012 c4 29Tenma no ouji-sama
I like it so far. Pointers though, you might want to capitalize names, place comma's in the right places and the beginning of a sentence should be capitalized as well. If you need help with your story or ideas for it, you can always PM me, and I'll help when I'm able to.

Hm, did Ryoma have siblings that died? Is that why his parents went to America, for their anniversary? Which would explain his attitude, ne and why Ryuuzaki told Fuji and Eiji to leave him alone.

Looking forwards to your next chapter.

9/6/2012 c4 FranscoiseLaraLapis
Yay! It's here, I thought it was going to be discontinued. I'm so happy that it still going to continue on. I'm excited what kind of plot twist are you going to show us. I'm excited to learn about Ryoma's background! I want to know why the heck he was so cranky. Anyway That's it please update soon!
9/5/2012 c4 HalfBlindFeline
Yes! Finally, I was wondering if you forgot about us. :(
8/25/2012 c3 2Luna and Neko-Chan
I really like it! It's interesting hope you add more soon! \(w)/
8/18/2012 c3 HalfBlindFeline
Text. Talk. Bad tennisgirl! Oh yea and (see previous comments)
8/18/2012 c2 HalfBlindFeline
It started out good but slowly ended to (see previous comment) And try putting commas before the last quotation mark, you also forget periods sometimes.
8/18/2012 c1 HalfBlindFeline
You reviewed my Fanfic and now I'm returning the favor. I will be honest. It was confusing. I haven't yet finished the manga nor anime of Prince of Tennis, but I'm sure Eiji Kikumaru doesn't always say Nya. If he does in later chapters/episodes then ignore that. Also always, ALWAYS, capitilize names. And put commas between listing. I mean as in
Fuji, Eji, Ryoma, and Momo. That is all.
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