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for Cranium Siezure

3/27/2014 c2 XxdemoninsidexX
Lol I like the credit idea
3/27/2014 c1 XxdemoninsidexX
It was pretty good. I'm not super into the whole super hero thing, but the story was well writen.
10/17/2012 c1 DamiansGirl101
hahaha! hilarious! great job on this wonderfully written story!
also, my guess on superboys ice cream flavor is the superman brand! IM me and tell me if i got it right please!
9/5/2012 c2 Guest
It was okay. but confusing.
7/26/2012 c1 DOTK97
Hi! I'm daughteroftheking97, who, like usual, forgot her password.

First off, I like your story! It's cute and you kept all the characters, well, in character, haha. No one was OOC, and that was awesome. The story line was short and sweet;)

Secondly, I was just wondering where you got the phrase 'cranium seizure'. I included it in my story 'Despite It All', but I stated that it wasn't mine, it was a deviantART I'd seen. If you made it up - I love it, it's really creative! - but I'm just making sure it gets credited;)

Lastly, I seriously love your pen name. Like, a lot. Jason Todd's my second favorite Robin and first favorite Red Hood. ]

If you want to reply, just go to my page (DaughterOfTheKing97) and shoot me a message, but if not - see you later!
7/28/2012 c1 2Shojobaby
Oh, Wally. When will you learn not to challenge Robin?

God Bless You,


P.S. Yes, Wally, we all poison our ice cream just to prove a point!
7/26/2012 c1 An-Author-in-Dreams
I love it!

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